Monday, October 13, 2014

My Short Trip to AMMAN (summary)

Amman.. ya 3amman... i have to say i was impressed by the new Airport.. its cleaner.. and bigger.. and more people smile.. yet there will always be those who are GARFANEEN and give you the " gul3a6 ygal3tek" look as they stamp your passport...

if you are in have to start your day with.. * drum rolll

ABU JBARAH.. the best humus and fool and falafel .. yummmm

Being in Amman always gives me schizophrenic feelings. It feels like home.. i love the weather i love the familiarity of it all.. the familiar sound of the GHAZ icecream truck music as it makes its rounds around the block.. the familiar cool breeze of air touches my face &  didn't realize how much i've missed that feeling of FRESH COOL AIR..yet fe kteer ashya2 betgheez like how people DRIVE.. how people dont follow rules and are pissed off all the time... 

 * side note.. laqad 7ajabt il bint fil soora .. zahrat al khaleej STYLE.. haha 

Speaking of FRESH AIR... one of the things i didn't appreciate in Amman is there is barely any SMOKE-FREE zone.. In one week i feel my lungs have somehow turned into a MATAKEH.. 

I love the familiar sound of khirfan as they pass by and you hear .... haaa3 herra3 tkkk tkkkkk 
as they block the road..

I have to say the TAXI rides are still interesting and every ride you never know what kind of Driver you'll get.. there are several kinds

the " Ana mush nasaab" driver that tells you he will never fool you cause you are not from Amman and as he tells you the story drives the longest routes to your destination.. 

The talkative informative taxi driver that shares all sorts of "Facts" he probably just made up..
"HATH IL DAWA IL MA3i min AMREEKA la kol il amraath ya zalameh agwanou3"

The "Garfan" driver that yells something every once in a while that is probably a masabe.. last one of those i got in said... "SON OF A BISH" when i told him to park close to the door * GULP

The "Cheesy sleezy" driver.. usually has more than one front mirror decorated with Danadeesh and lights.. looks up at you

* dino sees many eyes looking at her nazrat ya33.. suddenly  he plays a song as he smirks and looks at mirrors

Asaala nasri song starts" lama gat 3aynak fe 3ayneee  ibtada baynhom kalam. oltelak milyoom bahbeak.. oltaha min ghier kalam

* dino pukes in her mouth 

The " FANAS" driver.. makes up random stories about himself that he is driving a cab for fun and that he is actually very rich and just filling in for his cousin. Then he would say that nancy ajram was in his cab.. tayeb... LIESH nancy bedha takhod taxi fe amman.. MAJNOONEH HEEYE?

The religious driver.. plays dars deen or quran throughout the ride.. tilts front mirror so you dont show in the back.. I usually hope to get one of those cab rides.. kolo wala asala song ya333... * twitches at memory

but  you know what i cringe at the sight of.. is that long.. m3affin.. ya3oo.. pinky udfar.. that many cab drivers love to ytawloo... and they started using it to poke at thier teeth.. * twitches

* side note i could not find an image of a jordan dude taxi driver with udfar taweel so i had to add the head piece here to this guy.. not sure howe meen aslan lol

If you are in amman you must take a walk on RAINBOW street.. it is the ultimate place to go.. i suggest you go hungry and pass by 

WAZZUP DOG for the yummiest hotdog fil dinya.. ( this time ididnt go so lisa ba7lam feha)
 my husband calls hotdogs mystery meat... hada AGWAnoo3 mystery.. and btakli wa betHAstery

then for dessert.. LAZIM 

GERARD.. if i dont have GERARD icecream.. il re7le ma bten7asab 3alay.. i highly recommend the NUTELLA & the LAZY CAKE flavor... YA WARADEEE 

* please note i tend to use many phrases like the above after my jordan visit no matter how short the visit is... somehow it refreshes my GUrduni side.. and i will say things like.. as my friend told me after visiting jordan no words will do jordan justice.. you HAVE TO speak bel GGAA and GURDUNI so that you deliver the intense GEMOTIONS!

"Hassa3, Gazaz, maima3a, dandara, hath ho.. hathak.. hathol.. very feminine... mashala 3alay

ne hoooo.... sooo i  was saying.. after GERARD if you have SPACE you must try... 

MR KREPE... hada il ishi.... mush bas ZAKI.. you choose whaetever chooclate and more than one and you can have it in a KREPE.. * faints *drools..

only in jordan will you come across a group of jordanian guys singing like this.. i have a friend that likes to sing like this with me.. although we dont say words.. just kharabeesh haha

sadly i did not get a chance to go to CHILI HOUSE Sadeeq al tufooleh.. 

oh and it actually RAINED like 3 times when we were there ... 

but i was invited to the best MANSAF in the world at my uncles house... and i shall dream of it till i taste it again. 

We went to the DEAD SEA.. and it was beautiful.. but the funniest moment was when i look down at the beach and this Black man waves at me.. and i was like ANO HATH??? turns out its was ba3looli Mlaye6 7alo 6eeeneh.. lol 

And the best place for lunch for the kids in AMMAN is Casereccio .. kids can play and make thier own pizza and its loads of fun :)

TAJ MALL was impressive.. fancy wa gameel.. loved the terrace area.. the childrens museum was also very nice for the kids.. 

it was nice to see my family & my niece who is adorable .. she spends so much time with my mom that she sounds like a little 7ajjeh... i was asking mama what the smell was in the kitchen if something was burning. a little voice answered 

" hada mush ishi ma7roo2 hada ree7et SAMNEH "

ahaha so cute.. 

another funny thing that happened in jordan that i have already shared on my fb/ instagram and twitter is that my lulu drew me a picture... and clearly she sees me as a smiley Buttox.. she says im a heart- cloud.. at least im a happy butt... 

lulu now starts kissing you from cheek to cheek like alf bose and says " SMALLA 3alieki SMALLA 3alieki ya habeebti".. i call that the TATA effect.. 

our trip ended with a little kid on the bus to the terminal telling his mom " YIl3an 7azi" cause his vacation was too short hahahah 

That my Gamameeer was my trip summary.. it was nice but its good to be back... 

*dina sings jordanian song she made up to Dubai

no matter where i travel.. getting back to Dubai always feels great.. i love u Dubai.. 

*dina dances robotic dance in airport then does moonwalk... bumps into lonlon by mistake oops

so now after this fattening post.. you might have guess that i have returned with a big KARSH and i shall be going to the gym and detoxing soon... so that i can and WILL do it again next time

* dino betabel 3al karoosh


i will leave you with a video of cuteness as i tease lina asking her to give me her icecream.. please notice how lulu doesn't even acknowledge my question as she continues eating her ice cream

habeebati.. home wa gerard ofcourse


Haitham Jafar said...

Food, taxi-drivers, and more food!

I say the following with the utmost love for Jordan but if u stayed a bit longer then u would start falling outta-love of it, even 3ammo rainbow street and his siblings! :) + :(

I have two Qs plz:

- who is this nancy ajram character? 7ilweh? ma56oobeh?

- rules? is that one of yr dubai fancy lingo words?

anihoo, I have not been or even heard of most of the places u mentioned. I guess we need an update but no idea when we might visit!

I have to say this, doesn't it sadden you that Jordan is circumvented/reductioned into ...3mman! :(

it troubles me and says more than 1 thing about us.

Haitham Jafar said...

& sa7ee7, kudos ya o5tah on the hijab-pictures-covering initiative

Allah ybarech feechi

Mais Qubbaj said...

lamaa gaat 3eenk fe 3eeeni
thank God for my car , no more taxi drivers !