Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Think Positive.. or BOSITIVE! that is something i keep trying to do or tell myself to do.. Once upon a time i used to be a very optimistic person.. very trusting.. 

* visual of dina skipping around in a garden of flowers with two braids bouncy in the air and birds & butterflies flying everywhere

singing snow white songs

Well that was a long time ago.. i dont know if it happened over night or was it years and years of continuous disappointments and shik shak shocks...* does al ra3sha to shik shak shok song in her head


ok i was saying.. so somehow.. i find myself doubting people now.. and their sincerity and even if they are doing something GOOD i'm thinking... Why is she doing this? WEISH bedha? 

i find myself thinking of the worst possible scenarios about things that will happen or COULD happen and i get depressed at that possibility..

or even worse i sit with myself and analyze a certain situation to the point where ive talked to myself about it for so long in my head that i IT MUST BE TRUE??

One day i said to myself i will listen to myself.. and notice how many things i complain about daily and if these things are actually things that are as big a DEAL that i make them to be... are these things in my head or are they really FACTS?

ok truth is a lot of KAKA happens in life.. and kaka happens.. and what i'm trying to say is.. i believe that even in the worst possible scenarios in life.. when u fall in deep Buraaz.. even then you can still have positive thoughts.. think to yourself at least you are WARM?? ya333

i believe if we look hard enough in any NEGATIVE situation we can always see something positive..

Yesterday my daughter spilled her milkshake all over the floor..
 i was like Laaaaaaa2aaaa * slow motion 

sees milk splash everywhere as she jumps in the air trying to stop it..

i had just cleaned! and now im maidless i have so much on my plate... 
and i dont mean food plate. i mean sa7n al 7ayat..
MATA-FOOR  fil 3anglish ( metaphor) ya3ni

soo... as i was cleaning.. i moved the washing machine and found a spoon with "frozen" theme that i have been looking for for a long time... if she didnt spill the milk i wouldn't have found it. 

thats just one ex.. but positive thoughts is something we can practice on doing and it really helps.. and it has helped me a lot... and maybe one day i will wake up without these negative thoughts.. 

My cup is HALF FULL.. you know what some people don't even have cups or water! 
SO hamdulilah 3ala kol ishi

believing everything is part of Gods plan for us & that the good and the bad all happen for a reason everything happens for a purpose and trussing in Gods will even when you have no idea what purpose is yet is what makes things easier..


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Haitham Jafar said...

think + boztF! el 2 ma3a sawa ba3deehon l ba3d? abozbo6ish ma nas ktheer :P

u know what, I wish, truly wish, I can go back to:

eftrad 7osn al niyyet be al bashar at first encounter instead of the reverse. I just can't (at least in this stage of my life). Whenever I "revert" to trusting ppl w/o conditions, w/o trying them first I get big disappointments, BIG!

That said, I do get the point of viewing matters in life and the downhills we face in a positive attitude, it does help!