Thursday, August 20, 2015

Give Us Our Rainbows Back

There is a famous saying in Arabic " السكوت علامة الرضا" which means silence implies consent. 

As a muslim.. it is my duty to speak up. Even though i don't think it will change reality but at least i know i did the least a muslim can do.

i was watching my 6 year old color the other day and she drew a rainbow. I have always loved rainbows & colors and how to me they always stood for innocence and happiness. Suddenly now Rainbows stand for something totally different and we can't look at them the same again. And even if you choose to ignore the whole " Gay Pride Flag" you know there will be someone that will wonder if your kid's "rainbow theme" party is appropriate. If your rainbow bracelet stands for something else. I saw a very nice rainbow colored notebook which i would have actually bought without thinking before this whole Rainbow hijacking.  

I check my Facebook to only see most my FB friends have changed their profile pics to the rainbow flag. Most of them arab (even muslim). Suddenly you find yourself afraid to speak your mind cause you will be called a "homophobe" or attacked for being anti-gay. 

Tv shows, news columns, magazines, movies all seem to increasingly include openly gay characters or celebrities in order to manipulate people into supporting their marriage equality. Most shows now have a reoccurring scenario where one of the lead actors which start the show out as STRAIGHT discovers they are now GAY.  It's a rule now that every show has to include a Gay couple or a straight person that turns gay overnight. They first make you like that character and relate to them and then they turn they gay so you are left with mixed feelings about how you feel about homosexuality. You start to question if it could possibly be okay in some situations, you find yourself routing for a lesbian couple to get back together in a tv show after their break up!! I admit even my reaction to seeing gay couples has changed after the constant exposure everywhere & i no longer GASP with shock when i come across a gay couple making out. ( although inside i cringe and no matter how many times i am exposed to gays/ lesbians it always feels wrong) 

I have to admit i see celebrities like Ellen Degenerous who is hilarious with a great personality and helps many people and I'm sure there are a lot of gay people in the world that are kind and generous and sweet and their sexual orientation doesn't make them evil at the same time i am against homosexuality & believe it is wrong & forbidden in Islam & by may Catholics as well. We have reached a new age where is no longer " LET THEM BE", its more like " HEY YOU COULD GAY!" with the constant media propaganda brainwashing its viewers into not only accepting Gays but also imposing their lifestyle on a whole society. Suddenly those who are against the "GAY-Marraiges" are the outsiders.

I am against homosexuality & Gay Marriages not only because it is forbidden in Islam and in the Quran but also because it is unnatural. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. 

Away from the religious point of you what about psychologically speaking? Same-sex “marriage” ignores a child’s best interests when they are deprived of either having a natural mother or father or the a role model of a father or mother. Marriage is sacred purpose of marriage is the perpetuation of the human race and the raising of children.

I can't say i hate gay people i might even like some gay celebrities. i will treat not them with less humanity  or kindness as i would treat anyone else. I just don't agree with their choices and life and i believe it is a sin and i will pray for them.

I pray for those who fall into homosexual sin out of human weakness, that God may guide them to the right path. I fear for the our children and generations to come from this mainstream media brainwash especially seeing how glorified and normalized it is nowadays.. check out what you can find in the the Middle East now

My other fear is them deciding chocolate is their new Gay PRIDE food. Suddenly Chocolate would stand for something ELSE *eyes tearing at thought. 

You took our rainbows please don't take away our chocolate.. please.. 

oh and please give us our rainbows back.


Haitham Jafar said...

We will die b4 this spreads and be the norm...relax
(how is that for an uplifting though,,,you're welcome)

If u even hint -not speak- yr mind u shall be labelled as retarded (at best) so for me I just keep it down and talk/voice my opinion when the encounter mandates other than that I just ignore it.

The celebrations from our part of the world was just interesting to observe, interesting and appalling .. we sound like old grumpy out-of-touch people and may be we r,, who knows!

Adam & Eve vs Adam & Steve is a debate going on on various levels now, not just subliminally or indirectly through media / talk shows / movies (like ellen as a ONE example only) but openly and directly levels now (religious / biological-driven / philosophical / etc.. u name it)

I am not a well-versed person on the cultures of this planet, truly I am not but I cannot begin to think about describing the situations I encountered in the city I am in now which is the 1st time 4 me in Europe. Embarrassing to say the least but you cannot change this, u can only clinge in yr own circle and just move.. on!

* Rainbows r just the start .. :{

Dino$ said...

A walan ahlan ️wa sahlan !! It's been ages ! Hope U and the familya are doing well! Now that you bring it up. We're you ever on a mandate unintentionally ? Happened with a friend. He was asked out for dinner, accepted then realized it was more if tazbeet 😂😂 as you said we can't change it. Just try to stick our circle . The circle keeps getting smaller though. Thanks for your comments :)

Haitham Jafar said...

I am not going to answer that :P

The circles r getting smaller for sure, Allah y3een bas!

Haya Issa said...

3anjad. Y3ni eshi be2har bas in the end iam convinved that iwill speak when any bings this up not only as a muslim as u said bs as normal human being as first ihd the same feeling toward buying anything with a rainbow but now what the heck, i deal with such thoughts in amanner of همة بعملوا اشي خرام وغلط ومش مستحيين وبجاهروا فيه وانا ليش استحي ولا اخاف من حكي الناس