Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Egg D@y!!

im soo tired! i envy bears who get to hibernate!! can humans hibernate?
hmmm im typing this blog with egg and olive oil in my hair... why u ask? i was wondering why i did such a thing too!

i was talkin to my friend and she mentioned how eggs and oil make ur hair healthier! hmmm and i guess i had to try!! Suddenly i feel like a walkin egg salad!! Sure hope i dont smell like one after i clean it out!!

So... today i left work at 10:40 PM!!!!! imagine?! im still in shock at the amount of work i managed to get done today! im seriously rethinking this whole work decision! The thing with design and advertizing its not like you go to work and leave.. u have to FINISH the job.. :(-- it takes more time than any other job!!

*sad violin plays in the background as dino tells the sad story of her life

Why dont i just quit and start my own show.. i love entertaining ppl!! i should of been a stand up comedian or a chef!! You what would of been worse though.. me being a TOUR GUIDE!

imagine me with tourist tryin to explain some site .. "like hello everyone... we are now... *scratches head....." we are"* looks at tourists confused and says... "where are we?ok dont panic people just follow my lead... if u see a COW follow it.. it will lead u to the right way".. i have a history with cows helping me find the way!!

the only that has kept me awake and able to type this now although its almost 2 am is the redbull i drank.... its wearing off i better go get this egg out of my hair b4 its too late!!! :S

did i mention how i found out that stress makes me get spots?! not major spots.. but ne way.. right now there is this spot centered in the middle of my forehead! just like some indian ladies have a red dot.. lol im sure they will envy me now that i wake up with my natural red dot!!


mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum. hey how are you. wait lemme inform red bull company to make u there brand ambasader.. AAY KYA BOLTI TU :) i guess u and sky need so much redbull that how sea needs water, moon needs light, river needs fisher and finally how tom needs jerry :)

okay now lets become serious hey dino i hope i am not bugging u by commening on ur blog cause sometimes i really feel that i realy bug u !! if u want me to stay away i will cause i really respect u..

back to normal stage now EEEEeee :) so i jus had my lunch and i am feeling so sleepy (if my boss hears the words wat i said jus now he give one nice kick) i wish i was in sky place rite now then i would have been sleeping by now cause its night there u dumbo !!

enjoy ur work.. take care and happy riding home :)

mudassar said...

oopss!! sorry happy driving home :) i miss my bike :(

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ay kiya bolti tu? hahah what? kedar tum hai?! comment here at anytime!
its da weekend! im soo happY!