Monday, March 06, 2006

W@rning : Energy Level$= Very LoW

aaaaah today i signed the contract with the advertizing agency... i am officially a VORKing VOMAN!!!!!!! YEAY!! remind me why that seemed like a happy thought.... my time... just seems to evaporate... i wake up from around 5:30 since the way to work takes 3 hours with the sharjah dubai traffic.. i stay there till 6:30 then i get stuck in the dubai sharjah traffic till 8:30.. then i get back home and i have to work on the work they gave me to do at home.. ofcourse by now im DEAD tired.... so i collapse into deep sleep.. and just as soon as i am gettin comfortable in the warmth of my bed i hear the ANNOYING ALARM!!!

AAAAAAH! remind me why i wanted to work llol.. ok the brigh side is that i feel like im doin somethin in my life and now that i have no time whatsoever i realize the so many things i want to do IF i had time!! ANd then i remember like a week ago is at home thinking WHAT CAN I DO WITH ALL This FREE TIME!! AAAAAH! oh how i already miss sleeping.. sigh

its soo funny how we plan our lives every single day... what we will do... who we will marry.. and in the end God is the one who chooses what is best for u.. i dreaded work in media city and i alwayds said id NEVER work there.. and here i am... i guess its my fate to get stuck in traffic everyday... im still in shock that im working.. all happened so fast... unexpectedly..

when ppl used to say im too busy with work i thought they were just makin things up.. that they were just sayin.. they dont want to hang out with me in a nice way... now im the one saying " cant go out.. too much work" today i officaially say goodbye to my social life.... *waves to friends sadly* blows nose... *crys

im soo stressed out the moment.... so many projects to do... i hardly have time to look in the mirror * looks at mirror SCREAMSSSSSS !! omg... why didnt anyone tell me i had a huge ink mark on my face?! lol maybe its a good thing.. will distract ppl from the sudden zit appearance! i dunno how i got like 3 spots on my face.. suddenly.. not like zits.. red spots.. hamduliah i have clear skin so i never get zits but i guess its the stress / lack of sleep factor!!

*applys facial and cucumber on eyes to relax... realizes facial is made out of fruits and yougart.. eats it.. ( i forget to eat these days).. then dino eats cucumbers that were on her eyes lol

ill try to blog whenever i can.. since some ppl liked my work il just keep postin my work here till someone complains :) no one said anythin abt the islamic calligraphy poster.. *ehm ehem.. it took me ages to get that right *sigh

gtg get back to work.... *faints on keyboard


m.s said...

Ya3teeki el3afyeh, being busy at work makes the person lose track of time, i hear it's not that long distance between sharjah & dubai but the traffic kills the time there, i hate traffic too and always i do all of what i can to do to avoid busy streets in kw city such as 4th ring road. 3 hours to arrive work!! it's a punishment, fe3lan za7maa ya donya za7maa & even jordan feha too much za7maa.
but it's a good chance to hear holy qoraan ,read some athkaar & learn u patience...anyway

sk said...

Poor baby...3 hours of traffic....I have never been in traffic for three hours. No, once I was was stuck in 2 hours of traffic in Seattle Washington..cause a truck overturned on the highway and I kept saying..this is a nightmare.... !!!
3 hours every day..? That is hard on the brain. I agree, use it as positive personal time.

That's funny...I bought some soap and lip balm from the store LUSH and you can actually eat alot of their stuff ( or it wont kill you if you do acording to the label...yummy...honey, waxy stuff...can I have more please?

Sorry your time in no longer your own. But this will be an amazing experience on so many levels.

You are so cool...dont ever change ..!

TwinTopaz said...

hey..congrats on the new job

BTW how come it take u 3 hours from SHJ to DXB...for me its max 1 hours???

mudassar said...

hi everyone.. i hope u r enjoying ur new job dino.. but i dont understand how does it take for u 3 hours to reach dubai.. well it takes me not even 5 mins to go to sharjah. r u taking a long route..

i guess u must be in ur office now.
one advice to u.. enjoy ur work but dont ever become a worka holic. try to maintain a balance between ur office life and personal life..

mudassar said...

hey how are you people.. me still in the office ( sky and dino must be thinking "ya rite !! wats new) lol.. hee hee.. okay okay i wont bug.. so how was ur day dino and sky.. how is ur job dino.. hey tell me if u need any help, i kno a bit adobe photoshop so i guess i might just give u a hand on ur job..

i am not as creative as u dino but i will still try to make ur job easier. ("i kno u people r laughing") but me gonna prove u girls that i can draw a house, a tree and a car :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ms merci :) thank u kolak zow2 ( u are all politeness) translation lol sometiems when u translate arabic sayings into english they sound soo wrong lol

za7ma ya dunya za7ma! crowded ya world ya crowded! hehe

yes quran and azkar al saba7 is the best way to start ur day ya rab ysa3idna 3ala ta3atoh ( May God help us and guide us to be good muslims)

im tryin to translate for sk and mud so they dont feel left out!

sk habeebti! miss u girlie! *hug... wow have u tried those chocolate lip glosses from the body shop? or the cherry one! its soo sweet and yummy i end up eating it instead of using it lol

yes u guys work is hectic... my time is no longer mine... *sigh.. but i guess its fun... somehow.. i gain experience.. im awake more.,..

twinto in the morning its soo crowded i am goin to start taknig emirates road its a bit less traffic! but in general the traffic is horrbile!!

mud.. if i need any trees ill let u know thank for the offer... all is well.. hamdulilah.. just no time to do anything.. not even sleep

* dina forget to shower hahaha

*fly is now always with dino wherever she goes..


Scott said...

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