Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cow D@y$

hehe have u ever had a cow day? and what is that u may wonder.. a cow day is a day that starts out fine.. u wake up makin cow like noises because u want to stay in bed.,... u get soo tired at a certain point that u feel like a cow that has trouble moving... haha ok im exaggerating... i adore cows ... MOOOOOOOO re than ull ever Mooooooo hehe

ok... so today i went to work and ofcourse i decide to take a new route to work to avoid traffic ended up really close to OMAN another country... hmmm.. i have no sense of direction what soo ever... lol ... seriously mr magoo is better than i am... ( those who dont know who mr magoo is... he is a blind man who drives a car... cartoon.. ne way...

so i have no time to sleep... or do anything.. the only free time i have is the time imk stuck in traffic.. i end up makin all my calls hehe.. soo.. somethin happened and got me thinking again... i was on my way to work on a raod i have passed by soo many times... and i dunno how... there was this amazing garden to my left that i never ever noticed... its been there this whoel time but i was too busy complaining abt traffic and the ppl who just cut infront of me when i drive.. that i NEVER took the time to turn my head in the other direction... it was a beautiful garden.. full of flowers and trees... i literally gasped.. ( in a non horror movie way) hehe

this got me thinkin abt not only this amazing garden that was right infront of me all this time.. but the many amazing things i might have missed out becuase i was too caught up focusin on the negative things.. i am tryin to always try to see the beauty of everything... to look the other way if i might say... soo many good things out there that are left unoticed or appreciated... so with this attitude my drive back home was not negative at all.. instead of thinkin of the 3 hours of traffic ahead of me i thought of how nice it was to call up my friends who i have not been in contact with in ages...

there is always a way to see things positvely.. even in the worst scenarios..as i always say,. its all in da membrane... :)

gtg get some work done b4 i faint


m.s said...

Indeed funny & usfeul, u made me laugh!
so tell me how did u find oman ?

knowing that me too have this problem "poor sense of direction" might raise ur spirit, i believe this happens normaly to dreamy people, specially left handed persons like me.

*3ala kollen estamte3y belmanather eltabe3yyeh & e3maly e7sabek te7kelna sho betshofy kol yoom

one more thing :"Translation for mud & sk"

*anyway enjoy nature & "calculate ur calculation":D to make us updated with ur news.

NicoleW said...

Hi, a nice blog you have here... You will surely get an bookmark :) Fleshlight

mudassar said...

hey thanks for the translation m.s. i always wanted to be a superman so that i could fly and go anywhere instead of getting stuck up in a traffic !! but i dont like his dress. my dress will be different when i become a superman.. i will wear faded denim jacket and a dark blue boot cut jean and i would prefer the word "S" to be printed on the back side of my jacket :) lol. i dont even want that red cloth. WOW i am gonna fly some day hee hee.. stop throwing tomatos on my dino !! there is no place for a cute guy in this blog here.. oh my god where will i go? lol

hey sky how are u how have u been?
after seeing the cow in ur blog it reminds me of milk!! i jus love milk.. yummy i love to wipe the milk on my lips with my tongue. NO i am not a cat..

its lunch time.. so me gonna eat all the things in this world.. me the cousin of jerry "puddy tatt"

sk said...

Hi you guys...I love milk. Dipping oreo cookies in it... the DOUBLE STUFF ones in the pink box. AHHHHHHHH!!!!
Sometimes I toss the cookie part and just stack the middle parts and eat them all together...and sometimes I throw away the middles and just dip the cookie part....what can Isay.. I have mood swings.!!!

Today is my cow day..seriously. I have no idea how to get past the initial no motivation...no pretty flowers for me to drive by..!!!
Even the snow piles look all crappy as they slowly start to melt..all the doggy poo from the past four months of winter are starting to thaw out and appear in the snow....

Ok Dino..make that look positive..lol ...!

I will have to look elsewhere..let me think....look up to the BLUE SKY ,that's it...lol.!

Have a great day you guys..!!

SimSim said...

every day for me is a cow day !! :wa7ad msa5se5 do7ok: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

mudassar said...

hi everyone. okay since dino is busy with her new job we will have to make this blog running. we wil fill this blog with full of suprises to dino so that when she comes back home tierd from work she must just smile seeing her blog :) so r u with my sky and all the people who r in this blog?

do u people have any idea wats dino's next blog gonna be? hmmm..... lemme guess. its gonna be weekend cause this weekend means so much to her!! she is gonna experience the value of friday and thursday ngiht :) am i rite dino? arent u gonna experience the value of a weekend? :)

so sky wassup arent u gonna help me out in this..? i kno u will.. i can depend on u sky :)

take care people.. have a nice weekend..

hey dino have a very good weekend. i hope u really enjoy a lot..

and sky i will wish u weekend on saturday cause it make no sense if i wish u happy week end now, probably u will throw egg on me directly from ur abode to here if i wish u a happy weekend now..
i love eggs too :)

Gautam said...

hahahah...Cow Day...Great Blog..Keep it going..!!


your said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mudassar said...

wow dino. i dint kno that u had porn star visitors !! man these people follow us anywhere we go.. hey who u ever posted that comment above jus push off !! this is dino's blog.. no crapping this allowed here..

dino say with a cute smile :) " hey muds u stole my words"

okay i kno u must also must be saying "there is some thing called mind ur own business in this world, this is my blog" lol hee still no issues cause u r my friend

so sky arent u with me.. hey guys i need back up.. Wake up now..

mudassar said...

so today is my weekend off.. so planning to go to the mall of the emirates now with my friend, after that we might go to some hotel for some dinner and after that please dont ask me wat i am gonna do cause u people will freak out if u hear it..

lol,,, jus joking.. me a good boy :)

me sitting in the internet cafe expecting some coments back. but looks like i am hitting on the wall :)

okie dokie.. hey u guys have a wonderfull weekend. hey dino i hope u really have fun this weekend cause u really deserve this weekend after all ur hardwork u did this weekdays :)

hey sky u have a very very very nice day.. ihope u enjoy every bit ur sunshine.. :) keep smiling all the time. u may never kno who may fall for u after seeing ur smile :) that goes to u too dino :) keep smiling and make people falling :)

am i talking to much.. u girls will close my mouth with a tape if u were here with me :) i just cant stop talking..

good night everyone and good morning to u sky...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

mud u there?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

helloo guys!its the WEEKEND YEAY! my neck and back are killing me froms ittin infront of the computer at work all day... ill blog my news now :)

thanks for ur posts didnt know many ppl would enjoy my silliness lol

SK said...

Oh great.. while I am sleeping you get a porn star..? And then erase it so I cant see it...?

Well, good job Mud.. I see you took care of things...! We know we can count on you!

So, after a long week at work in front of a computer Mud you go to an internet cafe...does this seem heatlhy to you....?

And what are you going to do exactly after going for dinner at a hotel.. let me think..go to a disco..? I knew it...BAD BOY..BAD BOY..!! Going to watch the ladies dancing. AH HA ! We caught you..!!

"I'm gonna teeelll...I'm gonna teeeelll" !!


Poor Dino...I could only imagine all that you went through this week. So many changes to your routine. This will be a very well deserved weekend. Sleep well...!!