Thursday, March 02, 2006

WorK Work Work

Ye$ i think i got the job inshala.. but i didnt sign any contracts waiting for the call to confirm.. but im already goin to work .. the problem is that there is soo much work to do.. and so much traffic on the way... ne way... i guess its better than sitting at home.. im feelin kind of sick... throat is killin me.. ne way..

i think this will be my last weekend as a non-working woman... hehe im already stressed out with loads of projects to do... here are a few ideas for posters i came up with today... not finals so dont look at the quality of the image .. its just a concept... ne way i gtg get some work done... brain is abt to explode..


m.s said...


I wish you all the best in your new work, so it's the time to show ur brilliant ideas and to add ur own touch.
I believe that you have a competitive advantage in way or another in ur field.


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thanks m.s. why do i feel like i know who u r ?

m.s said...

I found it enjoyable & interesting to read ur thoughts here. I still believe that you don't have any problem putting ur feelings into words.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

yes i might be over expressive too expressive.. too emotional.. too many feelings.. not enough words hehe

thanks m.s. ur welcome here anytime.. hope i dont get boring hehe

Dead Man Walking said...

sho bedek fe hal sha'3leh khaleke fe al dar a7sanlek :D

mudassar said...

hi dino and sk.. hey dino i was going through ur profile. i dont understand one thing. in ur fav author section u have mentioned dean kontz and stephen king as ur fav authors, i belive that these authors write only thriller novels.. the thing that i dont understand is that 'u being such a cartoon filled character urself how do u read this kind of novels?
Man i used my brains finally !!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

dmw.... sarli alf shahr fil dar its time i get out of the house! hehe enough LABAT!

mud... i am deeper than u think hehe i mean yes i love cartoons.. i love art... i love many things.. i love thriller movies and books... when i read dean koontz and stevin king i cant put the book down... havent read anything in a while.. started with the di vinci code then got busy... when ppl see my illustrations they are surprised its my work.. i draw what i feel... i dont always show what i feel..

i think its the most cheerful ppl that are the ones that are seriously depressed in reality hehe..

im not depressed :) not now at least.. hamdulilah

btw mud... u went to work on friday? workaholic?

sk said...

I am not a work aholic..but I sure seem to be there alot of the time...uugggg..

Mud.... I am surprised you are on a cumputer on your day off...!!! are the fried eggs ?

Posters ideas look great !!! Have they given you a theme to work with ? Throw some stuff at us and see if we manage to come up with some ideas for you ...... could be fun...we seem to have no shortage of opinions.!!!!

I am so tired...will check back tomorrow.......!

Take care you guys !

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey sk! no specific theme.. just a poster for all benhindi stores and restuarants... has to be creative and eye catching... * sigh...

brain is shuttin down.. i just saw the movie pink panther... not bad... hehe i ate soo much today... soo much... im having trouble breathing hehe