Thursday, May 04, 2006


its Thursday night....wooooo hooo! *Dino* starts* fireworks!*

oh the bliss.... i dont want to sleep cause as soon as i do i will only have one more day left and then its work again!! SIGH! i have no life... i hardly see my own parents...

i forgot how it feels like to sit and wonder what i could do with my free time... but surprisingly i feel i get more done now with no time... :S

* Scratches head with confusion and counts on fingers

* Still confused scratching head vigorously.. head bleeding lol haha

still no answer

im getting carried away with my imagination again...

When i had soo much time i forgot all the things i wanted to do and i totally wasted it... Now that i have no time everyday i think of the many things i want and could be doing instead of sitting there starin at a screen all day... but do manage to fit some things in my schedule..

Its like when you buy a new treadmill or massage chair or anything new that catches your attention and u say " im definitely gonna use it".. u might use it a couple of times..

after a while its just there taking up perfect space and collecting dust...

we always say we will do things or think we will do things and blame it on circumstances when we dont... get BORED easily... distracted easily.. or simply LAZY... ehehe

i know when there is a will there is a way... Soo weird how when we are determined to do something we do it no matter what the circumstances... what am i talking abt? how did my weekend topic end up being soo philosophical.... lol

what i am tryin to say is.... us human beings are never satisfied with what we have ... we always feel that the grass is always greener on the other side... i am tryin to live my life thinkin that maybe i am on the greener side of the grass :)

hamduillah ( thank God) for everything... i feel blessed today... dead tired... yet blessed

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