Sunday, July 30, 2006

Feeling U$ele$$

One of the worst feelings in the world is the feeling of helplessness... is seeing and knowing your family,friends and country are being bombed every second.. and not being able to do anything but pray!!!!! Yes we should not underestimate the power of our prayers! But what hurts the most is not just that we are unable to help those who are far away suffering.. its that those who can help or can ALLOW us to help are the ones STOPPING US!!

So many pathetic spys looking in the wrong direction! Sad greedy materialistic low lives who would kill their own mothers for some money!!! Morals & Ethics are long forgotten!!

What saddens me the most isnt just ISRAEL! WE always knew israel and expected everything that is happening right now!!! What repulses me, disappoints me, makes me sick to my stomache is the current ARAB situation! They are crippled by fear from ISrael and America they dont even flinch to the continous INHUMANE bloodsheds that go on ! Not only that.. lots of volunteers from Jordan/Syria are shot on the borders of lebanon and palestine.... NOT by israeli soldiers!!!!!!!!!!

Do we have to wait till the gun is pointed at our head?! Till we lose our own family members?! Why is it the we disconnect ourselves from those suffering around the world! WE watch tv and bodies being loaded into trucks and buried.. we might shed a few tears.. then we move on with our lives.. laughing, eating sleeping hanging out with our friends, attending weddings.. no actions taken!!

Our words of compassion and sympathy are INSINCERE when are followed by actions that contradict what we SAY!

Sad world we live in today.. Cruelty has become a casualty..
Peoples lives have suddenly become worthless and insignificant.. Peace is a word that is tainted with the blood of so many innocent victims that there is no way it can be

Blinded by our selfishness we will never take action till they threaten our own life.. Dont we realize that it could of been us in their place? Dont we know that this evanescent world is not supposed to be our aim .. That we should live as passers by till after this life is over we go to eternity in heaven Inshala!!

Why is it that people fear everything... heights, poverty,death,THE BIRDS FLUE eetcccc!!
They fear people MORE than theyfear GOD! WE should ONLY fear GOD.. For HE has created this world with everything in it... And we will have our VICTORY one day... not because of our military strength... not because we have all united... only becuse GOD is with US and with TRUE FAITH in our hearts INshala GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!


mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum dino. by reading ur blog i figured out the picture of how r u rite now. one more bad news is that today israel fired on a 3 storie building due to that more than 60 innocent civilians were killed and among them more than 30 were small children.

last morning it is confirmed from scotland that United states of America have send two cargo plane "boeing 747" filled with highly explosive weapons with latest technology which can even kill people hiding inside the safety bunker to israel for continuing there war. the two plans were landed in scotland for refuelling. they will be coming to israel in no time.

actually the fact is our muslims are not correct.. if all the muslims around the world join to gether (atleast the arab world) then this thing would not have been happened. i think that all the arab countries should make a special army to protect the attack coming from israel and americans. Allah has given us brains and resources.. we jus have to use them in the right manner !!

Anonymous said...

Hey dudiii, i love that pic, its so touching, and i know what u mean, were just sooo m3afneen, can we get any lower??

wedad said...

ur post are so great. just great
we need to trust god and pray more and put our faith in him not people . coz he can do peace not people or kings or anyone!

mudassar said...

hey dino r u dead...? atleast let us kno whether u r alive or not...?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey mud yes im very much alive.. cant say the same abt many ppl in lebanon. :(--- and my connection is kind of dead too .. but im alright.. jordan isnt really pat of the war.. thanks for asking though :)

wedo hi habooba.. thank u for being here

pooolie i miss you my laff!! i will see you very soon inshala save some islamic nasheeds for me :)mwaaaaaaa

mudassar said...

its good to kno that u r alive.. there are so many people dieing that i cant really understand. may Allah always protect u. takecare

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