Sunday, September 10, 2006

Love i$ Blind vs. Blind to Love

ok warning im sensing a cheesy post coming up so if u cant take my cheesiness i suggest u move on to another blog :P we all have heard the saying that "love is blind"..i will not argue with that at all for i have seen my share of people blinded by love... IVE SEEN :

*the hottest girls falling for shrek lookalikes ( viseversa) they see them gorgeous ofcourse..

( no i dont believe love that is based merely on looks im just stating facts ) shrek was a good movie too :) it just shows when u love a person no matter how ugly he might be u will see beyond his smelly fart breath, broken teeth,big hairy belly and green skin :D

*decent girls falling for players...

*religious guys falling for lets just say not so decent girls... in both cases those good ppl see thier partners as angels :s

*a very well educated guy fallin for a girl with the IQ of a GOLDFISH....

its sad but true.. love IS blind...

A mother loves her children soo much that no matter what they do they are seen as the best kids in the world... they are flawless in their eyes.. i recall in a wedding an anti came up to me and was tryin to hook me up with her son.. she points at him and says to me.. IBNI SUPERMAN! lol i doubt her son is superman but she surely did seem SURE of it :P

anyway.... no to my cheesy theory hehe.. ok so i guess we all agree that love is blind wa God help those who fall in love ! but recently ive realized that we can also be
Blind to LOVE ..

*violion and piano romantic background music is now playing in the background

Love is not just like the movies... someone singing to u at your window...
writing you poetry.. holding hands...walks on the beach...
showering u with gifts and roses
drawing your portrait.. giving you flowers..
laughing at each others jokes even when they are silly...
giving you thier jacket when u are cold...
saying u look beautiful even when u feel u look like uve been hit by a bus/tornando/tsunami... cooking a candle-lit dinner for u... watchin the sunset..
ok im gettin carried away lol so m sure by now... u GOT the picture

That hardly lasts even in the best love stories.. and ITS NATURAL.. ITS LIFE...
Love is when you stay up all night worried abt your husband praying that he will be okay..
its crying to see him in pain..
its running down the stair hysterically when you find out he is out of the operation room...
its turning the garage light on so that ur wife can park the car at night...
its going around the supermarket looking for the "jibneh" or " labaneh" she likes!
its throwing a flying " shib shib"(slipper) at ur son for disrespecting her lol
side note * if u are ever hit by a flying shoe/shib shib/object....
u MUST feel the LOVE !! lol

i have to admit ppl express love in the weirdest ways... and its not always poetry... we have to learn how to see beyond the
" yi2ta3 il yom il itjawaztak feeeh" talk lol <- " i curse the day i married u"
i learnt that people who act like they cant stand each other or at least claim they cant stand to be around each other are actually inseperable and in love in a different more realistic and discrete type of way...
They cant live with or without each other :) that is true love :P hehe
conclusion... will i marry the next guy who gets me my favorite "labaneh"? hmmm maybe not.. but if its chocolate ill consider :P hehehehe
confession:i still am a sappy romantic :P yet the picture of love in my mind has changed a bit

p.s. my dad is much much better.. back on his feet and yelling at the top of his lungs at me again :) never thought i would be soo happy to hear him yell at me :P not sure ill be this happy a week from now lol thanks for the emotional support
i have learnt soo many valuable lessons this summer... will share in the next post :) ta ta


hotICE said...

gr8 page here! Enjoyed reading it! Keep it up;-)

Happy bloggin

Abed. Hamdan said...

" el 2erd b3een emmu '3azal", that's proves the SuperMan Theory of your Aunt! :)

and I couldn't agree more that decent girls like guys that are players, and religous guys falls for screwed girls, damn i've witnessed many cases like this!!

That's why I hate taking about love, I don't get it, and all that I've experienced under the name of love is a girl who kept on nagging my head with her stupidity, and that's why I couldn't take it and broke up with, eventhough she was very decent (with low IQ, I admit) and closed this love thing for at least ten years! optimistic ? ha ?

nice blog you have ! :)

Dr@ma Div@ said...

Love is not blind.
It sees more, not less.
And because it sees more.
It's willing to see the less.

كنعاني said...

wow if abed hamdan says that somebody has low IQ then he must really really have low IQ.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hot ice.. thanks :) happy bloggin to u too

abed.. lol @ ird fe 3ay n2imo ghazal! and yes i totally agree with u lawieeeeeeesh mista3jileen 3al hamm?!

drama u r totally right too! when ur in love with someone u might even see thier flaws as great qualities!

kan3ani i think u just insulted abed lol mish kidda ya3ni... jamloh lal shab shway :P

Nana said...

btenfa3y mo7allel ejtema3y, LooL.

Glad to know that ur dad is feeling better dandoosh :)

SK said...

My oppionions on love....?? no comment. Too complicated and ever changing. What i think one day will eneviatably change tomorrow.

So let it all flow. Trust yourself to make good decisions.. just dont make desperate ones.

Going home tomorrow D ?????

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard.."I'm leaving on a jet plane..." and thought of you...!!!!

Overcast and 9c here this morning...preparing to head to work and freeze my nubbins off...!!!

Have a good flight.


Anonymous said...

Love should also be blind when he tells you he wants to marry you but not like "souq khuthra" hahahahah..ignore the vulgarity at first and u will live like a kuzbara all your life with this...this... bayya3 khuthra!! heheheheh, love u dudzzz, im assuming ull be here by the time u read this so waleyy, call me as soon as u come !!!! mWAAAAAAA

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol POoolie! yes sooq khuthra is the best pick up line till now :)

nana :) thanks beebti

sk.. without me saying it.. u know i will always agree withu my tall twin from the other side of the world :) ehhe

*group hug*

Maxxed`ouT said...

I think u're being unfair to the average goldfish .

Abed. Hamdan said...

kan3ani insulted himself,

le2annu hada bebayyen 2ellet adabo bas :)

كنعاني said...

Chocoholic MADNESS :Are you happy now, the way I see it you are the one who insulted abed, he would have never figured out that this is not a compliment by himself, since you pointed that out now he feels insulted.

Abed. Hamdan said...


حبيبي, انت أصغر من إني أرد عليك

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

guys im unsure are u teasing each other or is this really a fight? lol

*biting fingernails..
* offers TAmr with smile and says