Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crying is Blackmail

sooo trueeeee.. i got this in a fwd with " men Rules" lol well when ur a girls tears are very handy... they are WEAPONS lol
in an office full of girls u get not only lots of gossip.. but lots of nervous breakdowns! I guess girls are more emotional & resort to crying in many situations...

$tressed out = we cry...
PMS= tears accompanied with unecessary ATTITUDE & ANGER ( avoid women in such state )
Depressed= we cry...
BAD grade= we cry
Good GRade AFter Freaking out for soo long = we also CRY
Friend Travels = CRY
Friend Comes After Years of living in AMreeeetchaaaa= CRY
Friend gets MArried = CRy
Friend gets Divorced = CRY
FRiend backstabs you = CRY
BAD News = Cry
Breakup/Fight/Rejection= CRY
i can go on forever lol

tears are very handy in situations when u want to be forgiven for something you did... to get out of car tickets... what else.. hmmmm i just think us woman cry alot... and its funny how the same tears when come from a MAN.. are not as effective or powerful as when a woman CRYS :P

So All you woman out there... KNOW u have a GREAT POWER within YOu lol USe it WIsely.. is tough! hehe


digital nomad said...

You know, when men cry, it really bugs! Sometimes, I am convinced its just crocodile tears. Thats mean huh? But it depends on the guy. If its my bros, I believe them and get worried (coz they only cry extremely rarely!). But, yeah, a woman's tears can be the magic wand! lol

Hala said...

LOOOL you are absolutely right :D

Crying is women's most dangerous weapon. However, it does not mean men are victims because they tend to have more authority and physical power.

Arabized said...

Im not one to shed tears in public, but in private. I guess it makes me feel weak to cry in public.

Anonymous said...

Crying is comforting sometimes :$

But when someone angers me babda adamme3 7atta law 3m ba2atel feeh :D I feel they get distracted by my tears forgetting the words that they should hear and yosh3oro bel zanb bs yesma3ooha, not a good thing :@

Feras othman said...

u know what dina ..
usually we men when we see a female crys or seeps a tear we freak out lol we try to do anything to stop that , cuz we think that thwy are emotional fragile feelings so handle with care never let a lady cry or u will die :)
khatyeh y3ne btet7asab 3leha

but ..who said that men tears are a shame or crocodile tears etc .. is wrong
cuz men are also humans they have feelings wlo :)

when a man seep a tear its really so hard cuz i think he break all the rules that around him that u r a man dont ever cry be a man
since we born u r a man dont cry dont shout dont show mercy dont dont ,,eh

sheklo i opened a subject in here withou i know :P lol
may u never seep a tear or cry my friend unless in happiness

sharifo said...

C'mon...not fair !!
I'll be explaining my " shajar el ba6a6a " theory soon :)
Good post,

balfoot said...

Have you ever seen a (man) crying, believe me it is much more touching than a crying woman, especially if he is a fourth year electrical engineering student crying because he has no real friends.

Anonymous said...

Crying creatures , though we know it is dmoo3 el tamaseee7 , bs leeeh el kezeb it affects really deep ! bs wallah zana5a kol shwai tdalkom tebko !


Anonymous said...

I hardly cry especially infront of people

Digital Nomad said...

Well, to be fair, its just certain men around me who seem to use tears as a weapon. And thats just wrong. And oddly enough, they are the men I would never cry in front of.

Dr@ma Div@ said...

it is an old tactic lor...

MD said...

LOL! I can't stand men OVER-crying. But of course, everyone's human and it's alright to cry. I also can't stand women who cry all the time. Pisses me off :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

digit@l Nomad yes ur right when a girl cry u wonder how sincere she really is and whether she has ulterior motives behind her tears! and when a man does when its in a situation that calls for crying it would break my heart cause it means something is MAJOR! but if he crys all the time like when he breaks a NAIL THEN!! EWwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is just UNCALLED FOR lol

HAlhooleh! men dont always have taht much physical power.. ive seen men that cant open a bottle of water without struggling lol

yet they are more in control of thier feelings & tend to make decisions based on logic rather than emotions.. which is why il 6alaq ( divorce) is b2eed il RAJol!! i7na kan tala2ni min zaman!

ARabized .. i too hate to cry infront of people cause it feels ilek its a weakness.. :) hope u only have happy tears

WEddo... omg soo true.. sometimes u get soo emotional and hurt that u end up crying and blurting out sentences that including a lot of gasps and NO SENSE.. person in front of u looks at ur confused and says " EIIIIIISH FEEEEEEE" lol
been there done that :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

FER@S :) i think its manly for a man to CRY only when its a situation that calls for tears... it means he is manly enough to show his emotions without feeling that he will be seen as less of a man.. BUT as i mentioned if he "bakhud ra7to" kteer and starts crying at every single slightest incident than that is just... Girly.. lol but i respect a man who crys at the right times :)

men have feelings too i know :)

Hi abu ba6a6a :) ok i cant wait to hear ur ba66aa6a story!

balfoot... ive seen men cry cause they failed a quiz... others cause they were out of some "star ACademy" competition... many more.. i think that is just... but u know that friends thing... hmm it could be a good reason to cry... hehe poor guy..

DAr looooool dumo3 il tamasee7 2aal! ya Cd mashi i agree most girls have crocodile tears.. but soem are sincere * dina crys* then dar feels bad... *dina laughs* says " GOTCHAAA" heheheh la miskeeneh ana!!

SimSim me too!! im only comfortable cryign infront of my closest friends :) but inshal ull never cry ya toota *hug*

Digital Nomad yes some men do succeed in making women feel sorry for them! i saw some men CRY that they loved a girl so much so taht she would say yes to be with them.. then the next week they were cheating on her.... sad yet true..

Drama Diva yes haha been used for many years and will be used many years to come... ehehe

I KNOWWWWWW some women OVERDO IT.. and men TOOO! it pisses me off hehe its like u cant deal with them fearing they will brakdown at any second!! LOL its like... did u order chicken or BEEF? *womans lower lip & chin start to quiver.. meaning she wil cry at any SECOND hehe thinks to self " OOH NOO NOT AGAIN" lol

btw im not promoting crocodile tears nor am i saying men should not cry.. im just sayn women cry a whole lot and those tears could come in handy lol that is it!

Anonymous said...

LOL ... your comment reply is longer than the post ...

It's so sad when someone is crying is crying silently; when a father cries infront of his kids, or a kid cries cause they're bullied.

BUT, on a happy note, when babies cry, it just looks so cute. Like this guy in the video:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

omg muhannad u just gave me a heart atttack! shoooooo haaaaaad !! CUTEnesss!! keef his lip curls hayk wa he crys! kunt ra7 abki!!!!! broke my heart! tooo CUTE!!!! at least warn meeeeee! hehe

love ur links :) omg if a father crys!!! its just.... too heart breaking.. lol yes my post is longer than my main topic.. i do talk a lot :P

Abed. Hamdan said...

ahhh, be careful!

I tend to beleive the tears of a girl, but when she uses this weapon repeatedly it becomes useless ;)

Sex and Dubai said...

When women cry its emotional blackmail! We don't endorse it all - there's plenty of otherways we can employ to manipulate men...starting with...keeping our legs closed. LOL.

Hala said...

Dino, hahaha you are right. Yet mostly they do have the stronger physical abilities, which somehow generates an idea of more control.

And Balfoot awww poor thing :(

Loneliness is one killer feeling.

Anonymous said...

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