Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NEW @DvenTURe$

OMg.. where do i start.. so today i left later than usual to work... usually i leave b4 the sun comes up.. but today i left while it was coming up... anyway... i was caught up in TRAFFIC from 6AM till 10 AM... not only that i hit the car infront of me cause he hit a sudden break... but it wasnt an ACCIDENT ( ma tkhafi ya mama)... my car hardly touched his car so it wasnt an accident... anyway... so i get to work at around 10:30... and THE PARKING is FULL!!!

sooooooo...... i went around in circles hoping to find a parking... thinking things cant get any worse... the guy infront of me HITS some other CAR ... blocks my WAY..... they have fight... i sit there... just waiting for them to MOVE!!!

He would scream at the guy then look at me and smile.. :S im thinking.. "HUH? MALO hada?"<-- whats up with this guy?

ARGH... then... mr. Angry man... comes to me and says he is sorry and indirectly PROPOSED & insisted on giving me his Business CARd.... :S Mush Wa2tak halaaaaaa2!!! <-- now is not the time!!

WHAT A DAy...... feel more adventures are coming up soon.. ALLah yustoR!!!! And no i dont think ill marry him.. its just too weird to meet in a parking.. plus he needs to take a major ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE!! hehe

oh how i wish i was in this pic with the COW!! ehhee


Anonymous said...

loooooooooool @ u and cows

from 6-10 am ??? wallaa kteeer ana aktar eshee 3le2et marra 3 hours bas kanat men dubai laa abu dhabi :D


Anonymous said...

Allaaah satarek!!

awwal ma shoft el soora knt nawyeh aji abahdel :D

bekafeeeeeki ba2ar :mad:

ok now, mn el 6-10 esh betsawwo O_o?

o Gat saleemah :msh hug: :P

sk said...

Do you ever see two women in a parking lot swinging their fists at each other and yelling or is it just a man thing..??

I got frustrated with someone at an intersection a few days ago.. they kept insisting that I go FIRST. But it wasnt my turn, it was theirs. I considered getting out and asking them if they ever read the drivers manual...!

Dead Man Walking said...

mabrook al 3arees :p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol tfadal ya DMw the wedding will take place in the parking.. PArking A for the GRooms side of the family and Parking B for the Bries side of the family... and it will be FREE parking for all lol

Simsim... yes i love cows they once saved my life!!

hahahahahha liesh tbahdili ya weddo!! malikum 3ala bagrati habeebati!

sk.. i think we discussed road rage when u were uae lol no i guess some women get that frustrated when they drive :P
*scared of sk now

Anonymous said...

men3'aaaaaaaar mnhom :P

Anonymous said...

Sob7an allah 7atat el 7a2 3ali kan 2odamha ! Admit it , women dont know how to drive ! fffffttttt , jalatoooona ba2aa !


Anonymous said...

from 6 till 10?!? I can drive from the south of Jordan to its north in that time...!

Anonymous said...

LOOOL .. okay .. well .. Chocoholic .. believe it or not .. but such things happen !
I know a story , where two got married out of a car accident or something related to cars .. anyway .. the seemed to like the girl when he saw her .. and proposed ! ..
So .. you'd never KnOw ;)..

ALMIQDAD said...

I think this pic tells a love story between both the man who apparently just had a good fresh drink of milk from that giving kind cow who even took him in like her own. can see love in her eyes. As she tell him are you happy my dear. Now I know why some English men address their wives by "cow"

Hala said...

I was wondering what the picture had to do with the topic :P

Dead Man Walking said...

I'd like to hear about the Super Bagarah that saved ur life :-D

ArabLady said...

The roadddddddddds yesterday were BLOCKED!! I dunno what was wrong…it was a bloody day for me too… on Emirates Road the policeman stopped me and took my car registration license :S! was about to hit him!! El 3ama sho kan rude! Then after two hours I hit a car!! Eno wut the hell! was one of my worst days…so yalla ya bint go to da police station 2 report da accident..blab blah …was afraid not to reach home in one piece min 2ad ma sar ma3i esas 3al taree2 yesterday :( (BTW did u take his business card..lik it’s a chance ya Dino….barkin teli3 3a kif kifik! U never know when the luck smiles at u ya bentiiiiiiiiii….

Ba7ki kteer right :D!!

digital nomad said...

See, that saying comes in handy: Smile, you never know when somebody is gonna fall in love with you. Well in his case: stop yelling, you never know who you're gonna want to propose to!

Mabrooook ya Dino$!!! :Dd

Ola said...

ana shoft new adventures ww horse 2olt hay '3ayyarat 3an el bagar :D

LOL@ inderictly proposed!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

weddo ma tghari 7obi lieek ysawee 7obi la meet bagara :P (hug)

DAr i admit i cant drive Bi shilin wa il 2a3tani il rukhsa Allah ysam7o!! lol

DMW wala yhizak next story will be the story of my love for BAGAR :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ghaith its not everyday its just hta that day there was car blocking the bridge that day :(--

i think i reached syri afrom jordan in less TIME!!

tealover... if u know how many 3irsan i got from the parking and the streeet lol ya3ni unfortunately bitl3aooli tu7af !!
i doubt it will happen that way... cause i tend to attract psychos :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ARAb LADy latkooni inti il 3imlti il traffic that day! bidi 2a3udik!! :P

and believe he is not 3al kayf kayfi.. ana sakteh bideesh aghlat bas :P

Digital N lol noooo ma tbarki lisa hahaha pls dont spread rumors!! hahaha

OLA ya habooleh!!! it IS not a HORSE!! its a BAGARA lol hahaha