Monday, November 13, 2006

In7@rAG R@AS$i!!!

so now that im a member of JP i should try to use more jordanian words in expressing myself!! hahah soo ya naaaaas IN7arag RASSI!! :P hah anot sure how translate that sk... my head is on fire.. haha it is an expression of so many things that include ANGER and being FED Up.. it a jordanian expression... so instead of having a "i hate i love list" i will just mention the thngs that 7arago rassi lately! heheh

They ARE :


Anties in weddings or gatherings sit and STARE and TALK TALK TALK abt EVERYONE... usually i feel like the TOPIC...

OF PPL WHO are 2 faced and ACT LIKE they LOVE u and as soon as u turn ur face they are making FACES about you

I HATE GOSSIP!! why cant u just MIND UR OWN BUSinESS!!! :S ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Some ppl with low confidence and lots of psychological problems try to put you down by saying negative things to you

PPL MEntioning the OBVIOUS " SHOOOO TAWEEEEELEH" <-- ur sooo TALL... ya3ni i think after 24 years of havin a bird's view of everyones head i NOTICED.. or "SHO BAYDAAA!" WALLAHI I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW 7ilo 3aniiiiii lol

PPL saying things like " LIESH LA HALA2 ma itzawjati?" <-- "why arent u married yet?" followed with a look of Despair and
Sympathy as if ur dyiing of ANFilunZA Al 6yoor(bird flu).. or junnoon il BAGAR(mad cow disease) hehe

side note those woman who say such things probably have the wrost marraige in the world and say things like " yin3an il yom il tzawajt feeh" <-- i curse the day i married you lol

PPL honking behind me in traffic EVEN B4 the LIGHT IS gREEN!!!!!!! ya3ni COME ON!!!!

PPL Cutting in front of me when im driving and not only cutting in.. they even Give me DEATH looks AS if i didnt JUST DO THEM A FAVOR by not SWEAring AT THEM !!! a THANK U WOULD BE NICE ya 3ami!!!

PPL Showing OFF... treating others like they are below them or that they are BETTER...

PPL who think cause they have memorized some verses from the QUran than they have the right to JUDGE The world!! ISLAM is not abt Judging OTHERS! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE! IFFFFFFF! Soo annoyed!!! If you knew islam properly you would know that teling somone whether they are going to hell or heaven itself is the HARAM!! NO one CAN KNOW but GOD!


i can go on forever but .. i shall Stop now...*tshhhhhhhhhhh <-- sound of fire being put out lol


Anonymous said...

Sabar... Patience is a half of Iman

:-).. have a glorious monday!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

heehe al hamdulilah im very patient im just venting here :) dont worry in reality im very patient with others :) ur right IMAn is all abt sabr and patience :)

have a great day

Qwaider قويدر said...

Salli 3al nabi!! Were you really mad when you made that post?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hehe maybe i was a bit mitday2a.. now im fine hamduilah... its ok to narfiz every once in a while ..


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

w a3alieh il salat wal salam

Qwaider قويدر said...

كن كالنخيل عن الاحقاد مرتفعا ـــ
يرمى بصخر فيساقط اطيب الثمر

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

yes i know im as tall as a nakhleh thank u :)
hehe nice ya Quwaidar :) ill try to give lots of thamarat :)

btw liesh il kol fakarni wa7sh... im just expressing shwayit ghadab dakhili... im the least 3asabiyeh pereson anyone can meet...

saned said...


Nas said...

yup there's a lot of that in jordan. i can't offer you any advice but for the green light honking situation i like to turn off the car, open my trunk, take out the crowbar and proceed to smash the headlights of the beeping car.

they tend to stop honking after least in my fantasies.

Hala said...

Oh my God, I am beginning to hate all people. They get on my nerves! Robotic Message: Destroy All Humans :P

Seriously, what annoys me the most is people who are double-faced. I mean WHY? Can they not be honest for a change? What are they afraid of? I would rather be told the hurtful truth than being lied to and talked about behind my back. It really really really gets to me.

I hear you my friend :(

Anonymous said...

It good to vent sometimes.Makes it easier to be patient with all the shit we have to put up with.And dont complain bout traffic till you have driven with SA minibus taxi drivers.

Abed. Hamdan said...

haha, ya3ni sho, haik el neswan, beskotoosh :P ra7 etseeri zayhom sooner or later (iza already maserti zayhom :P :P

No_Angel said...

couldnt it be slightly judgmental and a misunderstanding from ur side ?

Anonymous said...

I hate all of the above mentioned!
I think I should add them to the long list of the things I hate about people :D

It's good to let out dandoon, it feels great.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually confused. Are you Jordanian or Emirati? Or Pales or Jor but dresses up like Emirate women?

Just wondering : )

Yeah these stuff suck, but what you gotta do, try to see the other bright side, you'll start enjoying your time then

Hareega said...

i just saw that my name was mentioned in the cartoon, golt aaji ashoof shu el seereh

Shoo had? said...

Can you please use real words? Between "ppl" "ur" and alternating between CAPS and lower case in the SAme FREAking WORd, this shit is unreadable.

Anonymous said...

Make the world a better place, punch Qwaider in the face.

Dana said...

LOL I like the picture! x)

I HATE GOSSIP!! why cant u just MIND UR OWN BUSinESS!!! :S ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, save the effort he is not worth it.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

saned lol BAGAR yes mush 3ajbak? ehe

nas i will try using ur advice soon!! might end up in jail though!! hehe


insipid what exactly does SA stand for!!

ABd its in our blood to talk lol i talk alot but doesnt mean i gossip alot :) i usually say my own adventures to ppl! :P

no angel.. yes maybe i try to give ppl the benifit of the doubt... im not generalizing there are good ppl out there.. but we cant deny that there are some ppl that can get on ur nerves too :P

yeah nanoosh its good to vent and to know ppl share ur feelings!!! missek ana!

firas im palestinian/jordanian and i wear abaya.. its not strictly for emaraiti woman.. especially when u wear the hijjab differently :) i just like it cause its more comfortable for me.. and not im not tryin to be emarati.. im a proud palestinian hamdulilah

ahlan be hareega

shoo had... first OF AlL it I$ My BloG LA$T Time I CHecked.. SO i Can write in ANY WAY i like... if u think it is "$hi%" i suggest u surf some OTHER blog

BUt THX 4 "ur" commeNt lol

hi dandoon :) thanks loved ur pic too

who wants to qwiader? why? take it outside ppl! :P

sk said...

In english And FRench wE sAy our hEAd is going to EXpLodE...sO we are Not that Far in thAt translation :) ..!!

I AM sTill W@nderIng whAt it is that MakeS People So IMpatIent...?? I imaiGine the LaRge amounT of TraffiC couLd do it...ThE Heat At timeS...or For Me it WaS thE amounT oF Time in Traffic. LivIng HerE I havE nEver haD to Claculate Two hourS to get SomeWhere and Still expecT to BE latE ...

I HAd beTTEr Go...I haVe a 5 MinutE driVe to WorK ... And SomeTimEs theRe Can Be like a FeW oTher cars On the ROad at thE SaMe TIme.

( Gosh Dino... you deserve a bonus reward for typing like this... lol.. it isnt easy...!!!)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hahahah SK

THanK You IT Comes N@turally i think im BLE$$eD lol!! hhahaha

i shall TeaCh you OnE DAy....

some "ppl" r ju$t Lucky! :P

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, thanks for the clarification.

I was just wondering since your accent is Jordanian :), nothing more.

Take care

ArabLady said...

"""OF PPL WHO are 2 faced and ACT LIKE they LOVE u and as soon as u turn ur face they are making FACES about you"""

Colleges @ work will definitely go under that category

"""PPL saying things like " LIESH LA HALA2 ma itzawjati?"""

If they just could stop saying “Alla yoster 3aliki” if the married women r happy ya3ni!! Efffffffffffff

Anonymous said...

lool omg 3anjad u said everything on my mind.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Hall2 ... ma dal ella Qwaider :(
Allah ysam7ek ya sitty ..

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you aren't one of those people ?