Saturday, November 04, 2006

MoM Re@D$ My Blog?!?

(translation 4 sk : mom look at your SON! STOP IT BOTH OF U or ill BREAK BOTH Your HEADS"

lol today i came to use the computer and well i usually dont leave my blog window open... so well i found my blog staring back at me.. "AAAAAAAAAAAH" and who was sittin on the computer? either my MOM or BRO...
*heavy breathing
*thinks if she wrote anything she will not approve of.. hehe ok i think im ok cause she would of said something right?

i could be wrong.. but if not...

"KAAAAAAAAAAAAAYFIK Yummma! Sho Tabkha ilyom?" <--- what did u cook today? hehe

u know when i think of my mom i feel sorry for what i made her go through growing up! i wasnt a naughty kid! but i used to always fall & get sick! i spent most of my childhood in the hospital! most of the time it was cause of my BROTHER! he once broke my ARM!! Once pushed me and i bumped my head on the corner of something... all i remembere was that i was wearing a white t-shirt that suddenly turned into RED!! :S

we would FIGHT EVERYDAY... then id call my mom at work crying

the ppl at my moms work got used to us calling!! ONCE i even called my UNcLE in London andsaid " ALO .. MAMA ?? WAYN MAMA" first they freaked out.. then they got used to it and would tell her.. "Your KIDS are fighting AGAIN"

i rememeber when we were kids how we would just fight all the time and then the BATHROOM was our only SHELTER! id hit him and RUNNNNN like CRAzy!! or he would do the same! ehhe

till one day.. while i was sitting inside laughing thinkin " hahaha U CANT GET ME NA NA NA ANA " he was soooo ANGRY hE KICKED THE DOOR AND BROKE IT DOWN!! Suddenly what was once a SAFE place turned into a HORROR movie!! hehe

My mom is a doctor so well me trying to get out of going to school by sayin im sick was not a smart IDEA !!! she knew when i would FAKE it lol i feel sorry for all the HELL we made her go through growing up...

HABEEBTI MAMA.. i LAFF YOU!! :) ( and im not just saying that cause she could read this )


Hala said...

LOL I always laugh whenever I sit and read your blog, and my sister is getting suspicious you know ... Seeing me smiling to the screen. She thinks I am nuts, thanks to you :D

I love my mommy too lol, God bless our mothers everywhere :)

sk said...

Thanks for the translation bunny...!

Your so sweet to think of me...ooooooo..!!

I had no idea you had such an agressive side. I will be sure to keep you as a close friend.. being enemies might be dangerous for my health...!

Anonymous said...

San7ek :D I laughed loud lol as Hala said! Mom keeps telling me “btezha2eesh mn el do7ok m3 el shasheh! Ta3i ed7aki m3i shwai :D” I’m always laughing loud eza ba3mel she ahbal aw while chatting with friends.

I remember the hiding in the bathroom thingy… I miss being a child. I miss those fights, enno 2aal y3ni we’re grown ups now and we don’t fight he3 he3 :cool:

sharifo said...

isn't chldhood just freakin' great,,I once broke a Spotlight on my brother's head...
And yea,,allah y5aleelna emayatna ( emayatna??...3arabi hada ? )
even if just love to clean my room bel moknesa el kahraba 3al 8 el sobo7...that's torturation !!
Nice Blog,

Sex and Dubai said...

Lol...sibling rivalry. Gosh I'd pull my sisters hair and she would dig into my skin with her nails...then we'd both count to three and let go.

Growing up is SO NOT FUN! :(

Nash said...

Nice blog, I always enjoy reading light humor. Like what I read here, keep it up :)

sk said...

My older sister would chase me into the bathroom fighting all the time. The last time it happened (when we were about 12 and 13) we had a pulling fight with the door as I tried to lock the bathroom door to keep away from her...

All at once she pulls really hard as i let go of the door( thinking I'll make a run for it).. and her foot gets caught under the door and it ripped her big toe nail RIGHT OFF..!!

I fled the house..she screamed for mom...and i am still hearing about it today since the silly toe nail grew back all ugly..and still is.. (hahah)..!!

Dr@ma Div@ said...

a good one! me too always quarrel wt my only bro who is only 1 year younger than me (til todate)... he is my mom's pet since he is the only boy in da family.... there was one time he kicked me, and i tried to be a superhero, instead of run away, i stood there tried to defend myself, (as if i took marshal art classes..stupid) i've ended up with bruised on my finger..

mom: who ask you to fight wt him, you know that he is a boy......
me: sob son. me think it's time to tell daddy about it!!(and im daddy's gal)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

halhoool lol oh i do that soemtimes smile and laugh at the screen!! mom thinks im a psycho.. wait she is my mom.. she know im a pscho :P

hahha anytime Sk sweetie!! hahah group of men arrest SK... Dina looks at them and give them a Nod.. says " its ok.. she is with me" they leave sk hehehe see u should always be on my good side...

WEddo my mom says the same lol unlike u i dont miss those fights AT ALL!!

Sh@rifo!! lol a SPOT LIGHT! had inta mutawa7ish!!!
*scared of SharifO... emaytna 3arabi i think but im not sure abt torturation lol thanks sharifo

S&D lol the nails in the skin that was a classic! it was sometimes my only way to win the fight!! hehe feel sorry for my bro and sis lol CATWOMAN!!

n@$h thanks :)

SK LooooooooooooooooL ahhaahhaha ur soo hilarious!! u deformed her TOE!! pooor sis.. *hides toes from SK

lol @ martial ARTS poor fingers!! som im not the only one with the house wrestling matches! that is good to know

Writers Creek said...

Hahaha, wow interesting action-filled childhood you had!

I used to have fights with my brother but they were subtler. I was more into blackmailing him :P

It always works better than a punch or a kick. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! She can't always win because brothers tend to be stronger physically so she has to try her hand at being manipulative. Kudos to us! :)

May you have many more fun-filled times with your brother and May Allah give your mum patience! ameen :P

Digital Nomad said...

lool Oh, you make me miss my childhood. Apparently not all of my family was the type to get down and dirty. I remember once my lil bro and I were chasing each other, and begging mommy's intervention. One of my aunts was there, and she just looked on in horror and said, "My Muhammad and Sarah NEVER fight!" LOOOOOOOOL Ahhh, Muhammad and Sarah have no idea what they missed, wallahi! :D

Bo3Bo3 said...

loool i think that my wife is getting close to reading my blog too. I've been hiding this side of bo3bo3 for sometime now.