Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ro$e$ vs. OnioN$

a cute couple... they meet.. and fall in love... they say they are going to be different unlike all the other couples they have seen in thier life... then well eventually the husband stops getting flowers to the house... starts getting more onions so that she COOKS :P what was once a love story turns into the typical everyday family :P

its not that bad you know.. its kind of cute when you see an old couple sitting there together and you feel maybe they are not as good looking.. maybe they care less about the way they look... but they only have each other... and they have overcome & gone through so much together... just the idea that they are still together and capable of smiling at each other after all these years is so cute :P


sharifo said...

Very true..
I like to see the older couples, << akeed abel ma ykharfo >> they are so real, without mojamalat or any fakeness..
and about the onions thing, with a little big of consentration and imagination you can see it like flowers, with a different smell !!

Ramroom said...

every stage that comes along has its own beauty to it :) When I see an older couple I say " GOD how could they make it so far :)" .. it so amazing when you think how much they have been through together :) It leaves me with the feeling.. I WANNA GROW OLD WITH HIM :)

MQabbani said...


Look like we still find ppl who can help each other to make a smile and stay togahter as they can ,

i remember this word's " I lean on You and You lean on ME and WE well be OK"..

see ya


wedoo said...

They’ll be alone eventually! When all their kids grow up and get a life of their own, it’s nice to maintain a strong relationship so they can live together till the last day! b aqal 5asa2er momkeneh

7elo law yjebelha dommet baGdoones! olGofi ya 2aserata Galbi lel :D :D

Anonymous said...

I just love the way old ppl look they are so cute,no really they are cute :D

Anonymous said...

one day we'll be old too ... almost hard to believe