Sunday, November 12, 2006

B@yTha 4 LiFe

I love the beach... that is funny cause i havent gone in over a year!! EVERYTIME i actually Do Go or PLAN to Go something HAPPENS!! IT RAINS! GETS CLoudy!! This Friday i was all ready and when i reached the place!! it was CLOSED!!! ARGH!! Im soo WHITe its not even funny... im no longer white im a lighter shade that is TRANSPARENT!

HOW DO u know you are WHITE?

When ur whiter than ur MOM
When your mom notices h0w white you are
When ppl stop telling you you need a tan with a smile and say it with a serious look " GET A TAN!!|
When ppl place thier hands next to yours and say jokes like : UNITED COLORS OF BENNETON
When you look at your reflection on drak glass and STILL the reflection of your face is WHITE!!!
When ppl in your office call you SNOW WHITE!

i can go on forever... so i miss the beach and i still love playing in the sand... i remember when we were kids we would dig holes for hours and then someone would sit in and we would bury them!!

So im thinking im going to be "baytha" forever!! I remember once i wanted to go to tan and my TATA (grandma) freaked out and gave me a lecture on how being white is something that is highly APPRecited in GHAZA and in the ARAB world! lol i also heard a saying in jordan this year...

" KHUTh_ha BAYTHA wa LAW Majnoooneh" hahah i will never get over that one!!

"marry a white woman even if she IS INSANE" hahahahah

well.. im guess im supposed to be happy to hear that... but i doubt i will marry someone with this mentality! LOL not that im insane or anything *twitches* lol


Anonymous said...

loooooooooooooooooooooooool @ u walek meen ween betjebee hal afkaaar looool

ma7adesh 3ajboo 7aloo fee hadenyeeh elsamraa bedha tbaye'9 7alhaa wel be'9aa bedhaa tsammer 7alhaa loool

yaa allah in my last visit to abudhabi i was dying to go to the beach .... the one just for girlz

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

im dying to go!!! eff the best places are mix!! :S wa the days for woman is only on my work days! unless if want to go tan at 6pm then i can!! :S

but ur right.. wala 7ad 3ajbo 7alo! hehe

Anonymous said...

Maybe cuz u keep drinking milk kteeeer , 7atali el cow yr logo ......

Snow white , haha , u need seven dwarf o u make a story " Snow white and the 7 dwarfs 2007 " think of that seriously ...


Anonymous said...

ana 3ajebni 7ali lol :$

5alas elle beje mn allah mneee7! o a2ollek esh te3meli 3ashan tseeri samra :P wait for a taxi for almost an hour :D bs haik beseer sheklek mn doon esharb to7feh LOL
Zai elle 7atet sa7en b nos wejho o ba5e5 chloreeeeeeeee

El 7amdo lellaaah 3ala kol shai2 :D

el picture 7elweh! maharatek 3m tet7assan lol :P :P

Missing Dudi said...

Everyday I ask myself, can dudi get any crazier?? And I rest assured that there is ABSOLUTELY NOWAY that can happen, because as humans, you know, we have limits to everything, including madness. Dudi, you however, prove me wrong, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Ya majnouneeeeeeeeeh, i laf yaaaw, mwaaaa7!!He3he3he3

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

dar lol ok thta makes sense... amd yes cow is in my logo wa 3alieh shawareb!!! :P
snow white is a good idea!! first hijjabi snow white :) hehe and bil nsebeh ili kopl dwarfs lol

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

weddo!! ahhaha yes bas ya3ni u should see my face after tchnicolor biseer!!!! halk my cheek would be red wa the other half abyath! ehhe

but ya3ni wallah al hamdulila 3al kol ishi

wa merci ya morsi ana ya3ni 3ashan il jumhoor i try to make better illustrations :)

Digital Nomad said...

Oh man, do I hate the United Colors of Benetton comparisons or what. I am going to turn the tables one day, and do it to someone darker than me! hahaha (no, I am not; who am I kidding.) I love your illustration, Snow White!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

POOOOOOOLIE inti hown?! ishtagggggtilikay walkay! hehe yes she knows me well..there is no end to my MAdness.. isma3eee duno if u will read this b4 i talk to u.. but 2moro gayalik 3al yam3ah ana :) heeeeh

nif6ar wiyah ba3th yal 7ilwah

:) miss u gidaan

Qwaider قويدر said...

Welcome to Qwaider planet

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

DN there was as time i went to theb each aolomst everyday i actually turned red for a couple of weeks then i actually got tanned .. i enjoyed making pl feel WHITE lol ARgh.. i miss those days

ALMIQDAD said...

I think if you go to Jordan just 2weeks you will become suda, then you will wish you never wished to get tanned. I have a suggestion, marry some real asmar guy, be7il 3alaiki webetseeri tanned.Any way mu3tham alaghani ma3mooleh lel sumur which you may consider not fair. bas anay ka asmar bamoot be snow white ladies specially with some redness on the cheeks. 3ala fikra eljins el3arabi al a'seel is black hair, black eyes, and milk white skin.
3endi beswo kul el shugur wel3yoon zurug,
have a nice day!

3lool said...







palo-girl said...

wallah fameetni!
my cousins are always looking at me with a disturbed look, "GIRL you NEED a tan"
or my aunt with a pitying look, "yeeee 7abeebty.. shu baida"

womenz days are always on the weekdays.. :(

sharifo said...

but if you want my advise,,do the opssite of what in gaza is appreaciated,,so if they like white..Advice,,GET A TAN..!!
Cool it

Anonymous said...

"highly regarded in GHAZA and the Arab world"

Reminds me of th Sudani person in the movie Irhab-wel-Kabab who keeps saying "FEE OROBBA WA AL DOWAL EL MOTAQADEMMA ..." (i.e. In Europe and the developed world).

Very true mentality though. But, don't worry, it is a good thing.

Nas said...

for some reason jordanians/palestinians are socially very pro-white.

perhaps it's because the men are so dark and there's the desire to "lighten up" the race.

from a man's perspective, it's all the same to me. i'm dark enough as it is

Balfoot said...

I actually used to enjoy reading this blog before it was on JP, but I dont know if I can keep it up with all the (Jordan planet) type of comments you have now.

Anonymous said...

i think im dark enuff, so I stay away from the sun!!!! last may, my BFFs and I went to Bali for holiday... you know what, i was holding the sunblock most of the time or can say the sunblock was with me 24/7 ,, hihi ... so psycho!!

Feras othman said...

nice post bjad dina u made me laugh

have a nice TAN ;p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

qwiadar thanks for passing by :)

3lool ahlan in this blog :)

palo girl .. yes i know most girls share thi feeling!

sharifo.. haha ok i will try!!!

muhannad il wa7sh hahahah glad its a good thing

nas :) yes for some reason they are pro white and FAIr& lovely!! ibsar liiesh?!

balfoot i dont get what is it u cant keep up with ? my jordanian commentS? huh? confused

drama DIVa throw that lotion away and know that u r truely blesseD!!!

FEras :) Allah yis3idak dayman :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

oh al miqdas sorry i skipped ur post lol msa6leh.. yes i have been to jordan for more than 3 months... still the same... abadreeeeeeeesh laiesh hehe i guess i have to take more cabs.. or even bee3 3ilkeh 3al isharat to get a tan lol :P

Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh, I didn't just pass-by ... I wanted to let you know that you're the latest addition to Qwaider Planet
:D so welcome aboard!

saned said...

"When ppl place thier hands next to yours and say jokes like : UNITED COLORS OF BENNETON"

This kept me laughing for a while ;)