Wednesday, November 08, 2006


SO.... yesterday i go back home... sit on the computer... checking again if someone was reading my blog... and YES!!! LOL i was RIGHT! My MOM found out abt my blog and was reading every SINGLE post... Probably is READING now...

SO if ur MALE ya rayt titwakal 3ala Allah wa LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY! LOL

it is NOW offcially an ONLY GIRLS site!! :P hehe

I feel im being watched.... i am... lol :S

So.. the main point of posting was to vent.. slowly ppl online found out i have a site... till ppl from real life not only the blogging world found out... so i couldnt say anything abt anyone i knew... or they would find out lol

i thought THAT was limiting my topics.. IMAGINE when u KNOW ur MOM is reading every word?? lol

reminds me of the time she found my diary when i was kid... *twitches... not a good memory lol

ya3ni nifsi to have a secret life... no more secret bloggin life... back to boring life hehe

u know she actually said she liked iT!! Mama ya nab3u 7anani nawarti il site :)

yala salmo 3al WAldeh.. Say hi to the mother of the psycho who writes here!!


Anonymous said...

Hi psycho's mother :D looooooool

for me I insist that my family share me my blog... waza3too 3al3eleeh :P lool


Hani (male) said...

ah! well, wrong blog!
I was going to the next door :p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol ya simsim bi kol ya3ni thiqa u would give the site? hehe an ya3ni khalas rdeei bil 2amr il waqi3... amri lilah


*ignores laste comment... dina's vision is invisible to all male bloggers lol

haha yes ya hani ma t3eeedha lol

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

sorry, mrs. psycho's mom. I didn't do anything I swear!

Red Rose said...

yes dear, I think the bloging idea itself to express 100% freely without thinking when you write down your idea..oops If my father,fiance,friend read this what do they think about me?
It does not mean that we wanna write bad ideas but to keep the mind express 100% freely..that I think..simply ;)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

some*invisible*from another planet
hahahaha lol @ ur comment

REDROSE i Know u took the words right out of my mouth lol

Weddo said...

Hello Dino's mom! kan nefsi a7ki m3k a2ollek enno Dino sar2at Talaweeni :( I want ma taLaween back :'(

Dino! ma 7ada mn my family knows about it :P bala fadaye7 ebsar sho ba23od ba5abbes ana sharawi 3'arawi :|

bs my cousin knows about it :S

Dead Man Walking said...

em Dino, ana ba7ke lazem temna3e Dino men este3mal al net (a)

Anonymous said...

Hehe 5alto em dina , 3endek benet nahfeh :)


Anonymous said...

I like yr pictures 3anjad 7elweeen :)


Digital Nomad said...

Umm Dino AssalaamuAlaykum, you have done a fabulous job raising a very thoughtful and spirited young woman! You should be proud, mashallah!

*Dino, do you think that's enough? Will you do the same for us when our mommy catches us? :P*

Dr@ma Div@ said...

hmmm, i used to read my sis's diary when i was young... (without feeling guilty in fact a lil bit proud because...) I know all her old dirty laundaries.. hihihi

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

WEddo... waley lol ay talaween!! baree2 ya bey! inti bas raj3eeli il shilin wa bimshi il 7al!!

DMW liesh il 2aza y3ani lol

Dar Thanks :)

*thumbs up to Digital NOmad with a wink... THat was good.. convinving lol shayfey ya 2umi bintik il SBIRTUAL wa SOTful kaman :)

thanks DIgital (HUG)

drama diva lol i think its fu nto be the one REAding hahah usually im the one whose laundry is on display for the wolrd!! hehe

Hala said...

LOOOOOL that was funny :D

3anjad wad3ek mesh tabee3i enti ya benet :P

Hi Dina's mother, this blog rocks :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

yislam fomitch ya GamooraY

MWa :hug:

sk said...

Hello special mother...!

The daughter is amazing so the mother must be as well.

Warm wishes from cold's snowing Dino, it's snowing...uggg.

ArabLady said...

Ha ha don’t remind me …YEARS BACK my mom read my diary…w ya3ni sho konit katba …min ba3daaaaaaaaaaaa 7aramit to keep a hard copy abadaaaaaaaaaan…hala2 I write my thoughts on a piece of paper ba3deen bzita lal wara2a!!!!!!

A7la hi la a7la mom la our preey psycho ;)

Nana said...

I show my blog to mom every now and then, sometimes when she sees me taking pictures she asks: are u going blog about that?

but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately I don't know :D ) my mom ma elha 3al computers w hal esas.

Weddo said...

bardo o akalti 3alai el taLaween :P tb msaaama7a bs kasarti b 5ater bent baree2a :-o

tb bala dareb :@

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

am I in the wrong side : open eyes : say hi to your mom :D
nice ideas .. I think live has no more the secrecy it used to have

Feras othman said...

saw your mum reads your blog :)

thats what i call democratic family idle for the twenty first century

khalto i do encourage you to make your own blog , w blmarah to tell us about the childhood of yuour daughter :P

nice and funny dina
dont know to greet you or to say rbna m3ek ? :P

Anonymous said...

how did she find out?!? that'd be an interesting story!

should all guys stop stopping by. ... well, maybe men will just use girl names instead ... LOL

your friend,

muhannad ... OPS, i mean Bat3a

Bo3Bo3 said...

lool btestaahaly

bas lessa mo 3aref meen enty? hani, or simsim..7ada yghasheshny

Happy love said...

ok.after all these replies i dont have to say anything to your mom,el shabab kafo o wafo ;p
I wont imagine myself posting a thing if any1 mn my family knew about it,el wa7ad bedalo ma5noo2 :mal5oom:

Anonymous said...

Dandoon weinek?
khalto om dandoon what did u do to ur daughter? :'(

Bo3Bo3, ana baghasheshak 2adeesh btedfa3?
well, I personally knew her from the titles of the posts, she uses weird letters :P
another hint : go7.

*Nana is running away before Dina comes and hit her with a big ganwah*

Bo3Bo3 said...

Ordeneyyeh go777777777777777

zaga66tek :ch:

Glad to see you blogging walek.

Thanks nana.

bas meen enty kaman? loool 7awaltoony. So someone tell me who is nana now. I know hani and simsim..but don't know the others.

Bo3Bo3 said...

wella starts with L and ends with D and is composed of 5 letters..sa77?

Ola said...

Hi auntiwe :D ma2ollikkeesh 3al balawi elli betposet.ha hon :D

No way a5alli ahli yeqra2o my blog :D

Anonymous said...

LOL .. so you were busted by your mom ! well .. that is a thing that wont happen to me .. :) I am sure my little sister knows about my blog , and I suspect that my brother does as well ..
and you are RIGHT .. it does limit the topics you could write about ! .. eah ... yalla .. you can always start anotehr secret blog ..
As for secret life .. that's a FAAAAAAR AWAAAAAY dream my friend .. hehehe ..
have a pleast evening/day

Foulla said...

that's funny;))

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

heloo SK! awww my mom asked me abt you and asked where mud disappeared!! to think seh read that far back * cringes *

arab lady lol yes as for me i never learn from my mistakes!

nana :) inti kteer cutie! bas ya3ni il ganwey lisa fe 2ieeedi ya3ni lazim il nas ta3raf ini go7a :p 3adi :p

bus6ar gdeem.muhhanad wa feras LOL 3alieko kolko!!

bo3bo3 halla 3ami...

ola tab is7abi kalamik la7san a7rad ana :P

shay lover.. yes a FAR dream... *sigh*

fuoula Thanks for passing by :)

Susan said...

How did you know that your mother was reading your blog?

Anonymous said...

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