Wednesday, March 28, 2007


many don't believe me when i tell them the weird stories and experiences i go through.. and today is just another STORY to share...

no i didn't swallow any dababees.. and no i didn't get lost in a desert with more cows but well i saw AN OWL!!! i kind of have the feeling owls don't usually hang out on office windows!!

you know when we were kids i remember my mom used to use the word " ya bowma" to express how someone is nikdeh... : liesh mbawma lol that was always confusing to me.. why the bowma tashbeeh... up until today.. where i met the BOWMA.. it all made sense... now i can worry abt the 100000 other questions in my mind lol

bowmas tend to look a bit depressed... i tried to make it smile.. to prove all those ppl wrong... but ja7aratni :P

i thought of keeping it as a pet but it looks like it had the bird flu... for it to come to an office window instead of a tree.. major sign lol

my life is full of surprises


Oriental Arabesque said...

lol girl, that was hilarious.. :D

well, i came to know that in the west they consider the owl (boumeh) as a symbol of wisdom! (tezakeri keef kano ytal3oha as a teacher bil cartoons)

i love how your life is full of adventures :D very exciting

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

yeeh 3ad she looks cute! (did i just assume its a she :mal5oom: )

and i agree with mayous, owls are wise, w byetfa2alou feehum in the west.. and good it made sense and answered ur most itching qs! lol 3aleiky da7akteeny :D

حياة said...

its name is BOoMa wht do u think ..she will never smile ..
maybe she did but we dont notice..

Digital Nomad said...

Your weird encounters make you a perfect candidate for my tag :P

I don't blame you for wanting that owl as a looks beautiful (am I strange?). I love those dark eyes in that white face!

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

yes your life is so very unusual :D