Monday, March 26, 2007


so... i havent been blogging i know.. but you know the countdown has started.. i still can't belive im getting married! it feels like yesterday i was blogging about finding " THE ONE lol now that he found me.. its just too much info that i need to sink in...

i mean its the first wedding i go to where im the "3arooosa".. truth is im not really stressed out YET.. but i just feel there is so much going on .. too much responsibilities.. decisions.. deadlines.. people involved..and i know i tend to forget a lot.. and at this time my memory is very CRITICAL :S forgetting now might cause irrepairable damage...

you know how ppl say.. its your night.. do what you want.. don't bother with people because people wont even remember this night.. and no matter what you do you cant please everyone... that is what i have been hearing and i TOTALLY AGREE....couldnt AGREE MORE......BUT... the reality of the matter is... its not just your night...
its FOR the people.. and there are EXPECTATIONS & there are lots of people who will interfere... lots of money will go to waste.. lots of arguments will arise... lots of unwanted advice..and so on... everyone means well... and they assume they know what you want.. or what is best for you.. not knowing u and them ARE soooo completely different & have different taste..

oh not forget to mention those calls or msgs i am getting from people i hardly remember or even know who say " oh am i invited?" & im like.. emm emmm (you know i7raaj kteer) so i go like.. yeah SURE... but in the back of my head im like.. WHO ARE YOU lol

I just hope i don't trip... & that everything works out because im this close to eating my COW!!!! :P

Anyway.. pls id3oooooooli ya nass.. i hope i dont reach that BRIDZILLA GODZILLA phase


and life goes on... said...

ohhhh i wish you all the best.. i know exactly what you mean! it sucks!
I was nodding my head with every word you wrote here.. it's all true.. the expectations and the planning and your head spinning with all the things you need to do, all the deadlines! It's a big big big thing.. Im glad I have no house to prepare at the moment otherwise i would've gone crazy!

Wish you all the best, I can't say relax and take it easy cause it's not as easy as it may seem! :$

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

I know exactly what you mean! I still have around 80 days to my wedding and I am already half mad! Im going crazy trying to arrange it all perfectly, not wanting anything to ruin that day, coz the least thing would just crack me up!

Good Luck Dinos! You can do it! And it will turn out great, its just the bride panic.. You must pass through this phase I guess, so you can taste the flavour of that wonderful day! Allah yewaf2ek!

Oriental Arabesque said...

LOL..jad damek '7afeef...

Best of luck in everything inshallah..hope it will all turn the way u want and even better :)

i feel for u...although i didn't get married before..but i almost went through the same issues when i got engaged and was preparing for the party!

some many ppl many many criticized and as you said u can never please everyone!
the weird part was enu i didn't even worry or panic before "the day" i felt like i was watching a movie or something...enu like it's happening to someone else and not me!..habal saa7 :p

MQabbani said...

Allah uesr lek : )

u remind me with my sis's weddings LOOL

sorry just i was laugh all time 3ala al 7aki al Girls o neswaan .. do this not that o o ... etc

see ya o myassara

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

lol i was thinking bridezilla all the way :D until i read the last phrase :p

all the best bannout :hug tafghees w Gobal:

kinzi said...

Nido, Dima, Mrs. Al R, ooohhh I am praying for you precious brides!!

Don't forget the most precious preparation of all...praying together with your man every day. Building communication skills through all the conflict. Learning to listen to what he is truly saying, learning to speak clearly what you are truly thinking (don't assume he can read your mind).

Ladies, I just want to have you over for coffee!! This is SO fun!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

:) lgo u went through thiS already? not one bride has said it was easy.. they say the only time u will feel married and relaxed is after the party is over and u know it went well!

mrs al ramahi.. thank u.. 80 days and freaking out.. im not even freaking out yet im just worried that i might lol alf mabrook muqadaman

oriental... lol mabrook to u too!
btw my katb ktab was prett much the same.. i felt i was invited and sat there like i was watchign a movie :P hope the wedding goes as smoothly.. inshala it will

mQ lol yes us girlies tend to talk alot and especially when it comes to planning our wedding!:P

thanks hadoos... gubal right back at ya!

kinzi your words as usual are soo fulll of wisdom :) kalamik JAWAHER ya bint! :P

the best thing is praying with your husband and sharing even those stressful moments together that soon ull look back at these times and laugh.. :)

Rambling Hal said...

Heheheh, 7ayati dont worry! It's going to be a beautiful wedding, you're going to be a breathtaking bride, and I will zaghret for you from all the way here in Jordan - you'll be able to hear me in UAE, I promise!!! :D Enjoy it - you're the center of attention! WOOHOOO!!!

palo-girl said...

Allah y3eenek 7abeebty
inshallah everything works out just fine.. don't stress urself out

lol i was just listening to "don't worry, be happy"
i dedicate it to you :)

take care

Abed Hamdan said...

alf mabrook...yallah bl tawfee2 :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

dino: thanks for the mabrook and sweet wishes...but that was 3 years back and i'm no longer!

sorry, i think my reply was not so clear or something...anyway, i'll keep the nice wishes for the new one (if any :p)

you just relax and take it easy, it will all go well inshallah :))

Life said...

Oh no! Kollo ella el cow.. da5elek!!!

Mosh bekaffi enek always busy ..o mosh fadyetelha.. :S

Hala said...

LOL @ Bridezilla :P Inshallah everything will go your way :D Good luck ^_^

Digital Nomad said...

Oh, that completely sucks when even complete strangers will ask, "Am I invited?" It boggles my mind when I hear that!

InshaAllah, everything will go well and it will be worth alllll the headaches! :D You can relax after the wedding :)