Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mush Tabee3i?

Sorry i haven't blogged in a while.. been kind of busy.. but well the less i blog the more things i feel i need to blog about! You know how sometimes you are in a situation and someone says or does something and you say something like " mush tabeeee3i jad jad ABNORMAL" or " i CANT BELIEVE HE DID THAT?" or " if i was in her place i would never DO THAT?"

and we tend to get a bit judgmental when we compare ourselves to others and we get carried away with our judgments not realizing that they are nothing but false accusations we base on our reference to ourselves & our experiences..

We have to realize that we are all different.. not even 2 people in this WHOLE world are exactly the same.. we might agree more with some ppl.. disagree with others.. want to avoid a few because they GET ON YOUR NERVES :P

BUT we also might find a lot in common with someone.. and when we do meet that person we feel is our "LONG LOST TWIN" we tend to assume they are like us in every way.. when in reality they are THEM and YOU are YOU..

not ONE person is like you in EVERY single way... and knowing that.. we should ACCEPT that different people react differently..and ACCEPT people for who they are instead of trying to turn them into YOU !

And just because someone doesn't react like you doesn't mean they are wrong.. doesn't even mean you are wrong.. it just means you are different... different yet normal

And speaking of normal.. what is normal ? a normal reaction? i feel that there is no such thing as "normal".. the definition of normal nowadays is what is common... and as soon as someone decides to go against the tide or be unique or original... they are seen as abnormal or weird.. plus being NORMAL IS OVERRATED :P

id rather be SPECIAL ( not the special that is thrown in mental hospitals though) :P

3anyway... point is... each person is different and expresses themselves differently.. a poet could write a poem.. a singer could sing a song.. a painter could paint you a portrait.. but just because they are talented and have the gift of expressing themselves in better ways .. doesnt make their love stronger or deeper or more real...

:)yet another one of my more serious posts...


Zee said...

I love what you wrote! 3n jad, i think its the first time i read something in your blog and my reaction would'nt be like "hehehehe you are so funny", well you are still funny, bas now its more of "al 7aqqu ma3ak ya akhi". i totally agree with you, we tend to measure ppl according to our own standards, and if they don’t fit into our bill it would means they are wrong, which is the other way around, we'd be the ones mistaken in our judgements.

missik ya makhlou2a, see you today.

noora said...

salam ya dino...just want to say that..i also think that it is more important to RELATE to another rather than be the same as another..
finding a link somehow..because u may compliment one another...but not necessarily be the same..
Arent we (ana winti) different in many ways...and yet relate in SO MANY other ways...which makes me love u..
Our differences are nothing but a reflection of a variety of possibilities...which makes our life interesting..exciting..and bearable...

many of ME would KILL me ..hehe mmuah
ba7obik ya dinos..

MQabbani said...

that we are all different.

YES , and Never compare your self with other .. LOOL good words :P

yallah take care going to be different in some other place

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

This is amazing "just because they are talented and have the gift of expressing themselves in better ways .. doesnt make their love stronger or deeper or more real..." very very true.. great post :)

Anonymous said...


Oriental Arabesque said...

that was brilliant Dina…I agree with every single word

Anonymous said...

mmm… Here you are posting again about short ppl, would u pls stop, it is just NOT GOOD to make fun of others because of their size... really Dino.... And NO Im not kidding this time.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonymous im sorry if you got offended this guy is not exactly short he is barely as tall as the seat he is standing on... and i really was trying to show the variety of thoughts and ppl... not making fun.. and if i make fun of anything its tall ppl like me :)

being short is cute.. really if you want ill take the cartoon off..

*waves peace flag

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

zee :) ba7oobik waley thuklan!

noora inti too cute when will i see u? love you mwa

oriental and mrs ramahi glad u liked the post

mqabbani :) we are all different yet somehow the same... :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonyomous i changed the cartoon i promise to be more careful with my cartoons so that idont offend anyone :)

Anonymous said...

:) I’m happy now… thank you Dino, I think I was in a bad mood today morning .. but right now I cant stop laughing :)

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I write for a Muslim audience. Inshallah, come by if you have some time to read.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Rula said...

Wainek ya Life? smi3ti? asdi 2areti el post had? hehe..

I believe that every one is different and special in his special way, bas "Hayat" dayman bta3mel "pause" lamma tshof 7adan different, hehe, and I am always the one who has to press "play" la Hayat in order to keep going with the activities of life.

Nice post dina!!