Wednesday, May 16, 2007


i need to get away... i wish i was invisible... i need time away from all the comments i hear.. people interfering in my life.. making my decisions 4 me ! if i need advice believe me i WILL ASK for it! Unwanted Advice is simply UNWANTED!

Does my face have " please interfere in my life?" written all over it?

*dinos looks in a mirror...NO SUCH LINE ON MY FOREHEAD...
hmmm ok there could be some spots on my forehead forming an illegible line :P

i do appreciate it when someone cares and asks about me and my dad's condition and tells me they are there for me...(but ONLY when they mean it )

but what i don't like is when people don't really care but call just " rafi3 3attab".. like its "socially expected" of them to do so.. so they will visit u and call u once and disappear.. those calls or visits are not what i need right now..

And if you have nothing nice to say.. pls don't say anything at all..

AND...whether or not i will wear a white dress to my wedding.. whether or not i will even HAVE a wedding...or who will i invite... etc. is MY business..

no one has any right to judge me for wanting to have this night... im not saying right NOW with these circumstances... but eventually i will inshala and no one has any right to make me feel guilty...

i dont want to hear anymore comments on how my wedding should be.. or where it will be or if there is going to be a wedding...

i dont want to hear anymore insincere " if you need anything im here for you" lines..
i know who is there for me and who isn't.. and i know who my true friends are... and who really cares..i surely don't need anymore guilt trips from anyone...

just had to vent....

btw cow and i decided to go to the jungle to meet her friends... :P


kinzi said...

Hang in there, sweetie Dino! I trust your wisdom to do what you, God, your daddy, and your fiance would want! ittanyiin, uskutuu!

and life goes on... said...

DON'T LET THEM DO THIS. and just simply say.. I believe this is for me to decide! Or i don't feel like talking about this right now.. it's just not the right time!

No one has the right to tell you what to do, or how to do it. Just draw limits and SHUT their MOUTHS UP.

Tamara said...

Dino - I agree with dima Don't allow them to even go there ! its up to you to decide what is right for YOU. don't forget you will never please every one.

Anonymous said...

It's your life , live it the way YOU want it.
By the way, how did you come up with the cow idea ,lol ..., does it represent someone or just a character , it's funny though :D.


Drama Div@ said...

Dino, you're having a bad day huh?

I sincerely hope tomorrow will be sunny day for u!

Diana said...

"The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends his own plants at all. "
How true!
tell them to mind their own business!

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

z3tr said...

people like to feel important. they'll give advice regardless. only the wise few know how to mind their own business

Oriental Arabesque said...

ya allah 3al nas!!…they have nothing better to do other than sticking their noses into others business!

try to be firm (but not rude) and tell them you don’t feel like discussing this with anyone and if you need their advice you will come to them...

its so annoying wallah…i think we all suffer from similar issues

i so much hate it, specially when people I hardly know or see start to ask too personal questions!! enu hellooo! who are you in the first place? and lately everyone seems to be trying to get me hooked with someone they know!
ya jama3a did I ever complain to you? can you just leave me alone and mind your own business?
ya allah shu betnarfaz...specially when they bring me someone tooo old for me (40++) or mish met3alem or something like that...enu like they're saying e7medi allah fee 7ada radi yetjawazek when you're over 30!!

jasim said...

Yeah they tend to get annoying don't they!! Anyway the best thing is just nod in your head on a comment and then the hell with them!!

Serendipity said...

Dandoon meeting the cows friends in the jungle is the best choice :D dealing with animals is waaaaay better than dealing with ppl :D 2lbi m3k dandooneh :hug:

Summer said...

Stay strong and do what your heart tells you...God will guide you through...
Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll.

Diana said...

Dina wainek? is everything OK?
I'll call u inshallah, dayman ban3eje2 bi shee w bansa :(

soul&body said...

Happy Child day

Children love, they laugh, they care.
Children, bless them, they know how to share.
Children try hard to be what you want,
Sometimes they can't and they start
To cry, that's when a hug or a
Kiss is the tool, no not a spanking
That's not the rule.
Children do good and children do bad,
Children are happy and children are sad.
Children must walk before they
Can run, all of us wake to the
Bright morning sun.
So cherish the children these
Treasures from God, for without
Them the Earth would be nothing
But water and sod.

Dewey Nixon

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i am sorry i have not been replying to comments... i will try my best to keep track.. ive been going through so much drama i hardly get a chance to even blog.. but here i go :)

Kinzi ya cutie... i totally agree with you as usual

ALGO yes ppl should start shuting thier mouths more often... iza ma 7ay7ko khier yuskuto a7san

tamara irdaa2 al nas ghaya la tudrak! abadan :)

hi laila the cow idea was originated from a story i mentioned earlier on in the blog check it out here :)

drama diva thank u for ur sweet comments all the time

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

diana its the first time i hear that.. but its soo true! thank u for sharing! yroo7o yshoofo zar3aaathin

baby cletus.. ur welcome anytime

z3tr you are soo right.. bas bidhum yi7koo wa put u down no matter what..

oriental u are going through what i think most girls have gone through.. and for some reason when they see a girl that is not married after the age of 23 or 25 bitseer lazim tirda fe ay 7ada!!! malo il mawasirji tayib? tab malo seeed sa7ibtik hao lisa dayilo two teeth! lol

jasim sometimes u are soo annoyed and its hard to jut nod and walk away!! can i punch and walk away lol


manoool a7la ishi il jungle ta3ali ma3ana next time

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anytime summer :) nawarti il blogrolleh

dandoon im fine now :) and u called me so u know.. thank u for the call
:HUGGEH KBEEREH" inti kteer sweet yala move to dubai

soul & body
thanks for sharing :)