Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drama Drama Drama

My life is so dramatic... its a soap opera... the weirdest things happen to me... so I'm back with another episode of my life.. in my week off work we woke up one night to the FIRE alarm at 4 AM in the morning... THERE WAS A FIRE IN OUR BUILDING! Nice... eh? lol

Anyway i got flashbacks the last time i woke up freaked out at 4 am not so long ago to hear my mom call the ambulance for baba... can imagine the DRAMA! we had to leave the building as soon as possible for all we knew the whole building could be on fire... and to think of what are the things i want to take with me.. hmm EVERYTHING.. what do i have time take NOTHING!! i started going back and forth quickly in the room trying to wear the first thing i find in my face! thinking back im sure it looked like i was doing some sort of weird rap dance in the room jumping from one side to the other with confusion!!

SO... we ran down the stairs and i remembered and Egyptian movie i used to always watch when i was a kid.. ( don't know why i watched it though it was kind of not a movie for kid).. the movie's was " KARAKOON FIL SHAri3 " Adel imam and yusras house falls down and i remember the scene with all the people running out and each person was carrying something weird.. one guy had a TV with him! LOL

Anyway... so we went downstairs and i thought i looked weird with my abaya on top of my pyjama till i saw the rest of the people who were downstairs! Some were so scared they didn't even put much clothes on! now i understand the arabic saying " il ikhtashoooo maaato"..hmm how can i translate that without it sounding cheesy... " those who get shy will die" lol

soooooooo... the fire was in a shop in our building's ground floor... it was big but was put out and after 3 hours mitil il musharadeen in the streets we went back home... AL HAMDULILAH

glad it wasn't serious :)

And about my dad.. well right after my last post about him getting better he had seizures and was put back on the machines... then al hamdulilah 2 days ago he was able to breath again and is back off the machines... it's always up's an downs and you can never know what is going to happen next... Inshala ya Rab he will recover from this...

Al hamdulilah 3ala kol ishi ... ill keep you guys posted in my next episode


Fido's said...

el7amdella 3al salamah :)

Rebecca said...

Dear Dino,
Thank God that your family and home weren't hurt in the fire!

I'm praying for your Baba to be able to "walk you down the aisle" at your wedding (or rather, the equivalent custom-- I'm sorry I'm not too familiar with wedding customs here).

Who-sane said...

Oh my god, what a terrible situation to be in, at 4 am!! Glad things were ok ...

and sorry to hear of what's happening to your dad, hope he gets better soon.

bara2 said...

el7amdelelah 3la elsalame .. law sarat m3e badal a7ke feha esbo3 ... looool :P
el7amdela 3la salamet ur dad ..

Ola said...

elhamdo lellah 3ala salametkom! jad drama msih ma3gool, the young and the restless :D

theone said...

7amdela 3l salameh

ya3ni mnee7 3ndko fire alarm 3l aqaal :D

jasim said...

Damn.. 3anjad el 7amdellah 3al salameh..

I really hope you dad gets better soon inshallah..

Oriental Arabesque said...

el 7amdellah 3ala el salameh..
i know the feeling as i've lived it before, waking up at 4 am on the fire alarm in the building!! although it was a fake alarm then (the alarm went crazy for some reason and it rang without having any fire!) but the few minutes the whole thing lasted la estaw3abna were so scary!!

btw (and off topic) i'm getting shocked 2adeh hal denyeh z'3eereh...i found out few days back that you're related to a friend in dubai :) we might have met at her sister's engagement too back in December without both of us :)

Anonymous said...

Fire alarms are scary :)


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

weird how no one mentioned that the cartoon was not uploaded :P

ok pls notice the cow's slippers! they are new and they are atually human heads lol she was offened that i wore cow slippers


thanks for ur comments people :)

Mystique said...

glad ur ok wo 7amdella 3ala salmetkon!

lol.. zakkarteeni be the fire in our building a while ago.. tab3an our building is the first in the rank to be caught on fires, suicides(literally) and deaths..children falling out the windows.. such a drama packed building.. anyways, it was a weekend and i woke up to my mom's screaming... lak reeeeeeem 7aree2a 2oomi..reeeeeeeem, reeeeeeeeem.. i hated my name at that moment.. when i got up i could smell the smoke and believed it was serious, it was 10 am.. i didn't have time to change so i put my robe on..which is knee length on top of my pj, grabbed my mobile and my car key and went down the lift! the lift.. yes.. they were still! tab3an i didn't wash my face or anything.. i looked horrible.. and very funny.. to my horror everybody was downstairs.. everybody decided to stay home that day..hehe! the hot guys..the children, family friends.. it was a nightmare.. neighbors were making fun of me saying stuff like: reem, sho hal jamal :re: ya whatever!

2 hours later we went back up.. now, my future husband and another 200 ppl know how i look like when i get out of bed..

that was long :S

i'm glad ur daddy is getting better wo nshAllah he'll recover 100% soon


Sex and Dubai said...

el7amdella 3al salamah. Glad you are all OK and your dad is on the road to recovery.

And what fabulous slippers - we demand a pair for ourselves!

Life said...

:) Actually I came here hoping to find a new cartoon and I did..
missed your posts.. and the cow..

it is Big time Drama.. and I love how you just have movies flash backs.. I am sure you always have mind conversations Like scrubs.. :)

Have a drama free day :)

Anonymous said...

lol at your cow , and what she's wearing :D.

Al Ramahi said...

7amdilla 3al salameh. I am glad that everything is ok! 7amdilla 3a salamet your dad too!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

fido rebecca whos sane.. thank u for your kind words.. :)

bara2 lis aba7kee feeha :P

ola hatha more like final destination!

the one.. yes hamdulilah fi alarm!

thanks jasim.. i hope soo too

ortiental inta ur comments are always the longest! i love long comments :) sweetie inti!! i still want to know which one u wre at the khutbeh

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

sofie yes they are :S

mystique looool tab now what was worse the fire or being in that state fil shari3 ! lol ishtagnalik yamma

SD ill have to order u a pair and they are made special for each persons feet.. :P and the supply is limited! CASH ONLY no refund :P

life omg so true i always relate my life to movies.. and i get flashbacks from movie scenes!! definitely like SCRUBS LOL

al ramahi ya 3aroosa i hope u dont stress out this week and that u dont turn into bridzilla :P

Allah ytamim 3ala khier