Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baab Al 7ARRA 3

I think most of the world is watching baab al 7aara! i have to say i am hooked! i have started saying things like " ya allah ya allah" everytime i enter a room! i call ahmed " ibn 3ameee"!

So this year baab il 7ara will be over but next year baab il 7ara 3 will be even BETTER ! Starring the NEW za3eeeem! My bagara! And a new addition to the cast that seems to fit in perfectly because she loves the kitchen! Um Mifli7 :P

I need to send out a message to all men who watch baab il 7aara... women in the musalsal are "make-believe". Women who are treated like they are nothing but slaves and cooks and are happy about it DON' t Exist . And if they do... Allah y3eeehum 3ala hal 3eesheh

many men have thought about finding a syrian wife... and well my syrian friend says " MA 3aaaad fee hayk bi sooooriya, killon 2wayaaaaah"

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE!!!! i'll be off for a week so no posts :) take care


Anonymous said...

killon 2wayaaaaah??

well, don't bet on that one :D

Asoom said...

I'm officially the only arab american with arab satellite that doesn't watch this show, but why would I watch it when I hear the complete recap at like every ramadan 3azooma? LOL

Although I've never been to syria judging by the community here I do believe "killon 2wayaaa," in a good way of course!

Anonymous said...

Ijaaak likbeeer yasgheeer!

za3tar said...

I used to be very annoyed by how biased are the gender roles in this show ... but then my sister convinced me that this is supposed to make us critical of that behavior ... eh ... oh well.

Anonymous said...

So u have a TV !! mmm.. I read somewhere that u'd never get a TV..

Drama Div@ said...

Eid mubarak to you and hubby... have a great one!

nido said...

Eid mubarak! Kol saneh ou into salmeeen:)

zee said...

wallah ya dina enti nahfeh. i dont need to mention it cuz you know that am a big fan of your cartoons. am so proud of your creativity w w khefet dammik ya benet!

kel seneh w enti salmeh w Allah la ye7remni minnik


moryarti said...

baaaaaaa6el... (waving shabriyeh in the air)... eeeewa..

Eid Mubarak ;)

Qabbani said...

i hope you enjoy ur Eid :)

as Shami Sha3'ori :D i tell you , you can find :D :D

and ur friend seems Awayyyyeh :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

haha i wont bet on it :P

asoom hahahaha that is soo true and everyone seems to call everyone abu sh-haaab! hehe

hahaha anonymous i was watching it the other day and heard that then i got the meaning of the msg! lol

well ya z3tar we are supposed to learn from their mistakes and people don't get it that but actually think that that was the RIGHT way to live :S i agree that family should have stronger bond like they used to but the degrading of woman is unacceptable

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonymous.. u are right.. i was not planning on getting a tv and well i have to say... it felt weird.. and we are i dont watch it all day though :)

thanks drama d

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

nido kol saneh wa inti salmeh

zee ya kharoofti ba7obetch ya binit

lol mooryarti at shabriyeh!! lol

qabbani haha yes she is and well good luck with the search

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