Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gym Gym Gym

After many days of blubber mode and lack of motion i finally joined a gym with 7amooda! I want to be fit! To feel that energy boost you feel after working out!! I still cant seem to stop the chocolate addiction but at least now im moving! hehe

A lady at the gym aims to make me anorexic and says that the ideal weight for someone who is 180 should be 55! hmmm i have a skinny friend who is way shorter than me who says she is 56 so lets say i do reach that ! i will probably be a eligible for a poster for the next " the ring" movie or more like " the SKELETON KEY"

my aim is to be more fit and healthy not kill myself! So what if i'm not a model stick! So what if i appreciate chocolata! So what if i like to eat real food once in a while! if i love myself and 7amooda loves me then i don't really care about what some lady thinks.

Cow joined too :P


kinzi said...

Hi Dino!! You just get fit, but enjoy your chocolate and curves. What your hubby says , and what YOU think is important, is the important thing!

Mazz said...

well for a 180-cm dudette "damn you're tall"
65-72 is kewl

Güllerevurgunum said...

u sound so funny :)

Hani Obaid said...

off topic, may i ask what the mini pet cow appearing in most of the comics represents, and does it have a name ?

Qwaider قويدر said...

You go Girl! Don't listen to people do what makes YOU and your lovely hubby feel good!

Try this: Have a little chocolate right after the workout. You'll be swearing by it!

sharifo said...

tab jameeeel,
Keep It Up, My record is 2 weeks we atrok !!

Creation said...

LOL! i seriously have a crush on your Cow!

Oriental Arabesque said...

Dandoon..missed u and ur cute posts :)
shatoora..i joined the gym 2 months ago and i tell u it makes A LOT of difference..

and yes don't list to those crazy instructors..i am 56 KGs..and when joined she told me i need to lose 6 KGs! i'm 162 cm i think i need like 2 KGs max..hada iza beddi etfazalak ya3ni..but i believe i'm fine the way i am now :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

dina: lol dont listen to her. normal weight bitna22si 110 min 6oulek (ya3ni u shud be 70), fitness weight bitna22si 105 (ya3no 65). plus u have to take into consideration that ur big boned and addeh il muscle mass.

happy gymming! w da5eel il fosfori green sneakers taba3 cow! (cow shud get a name no?)

Anonymous said...

Give me back my Ipod , if you want to borrow things just ask or leave notice , just bring me back my ipod ,I'm not willing to pay another 200+ Jds for another one.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the white Jumper as well .

Anonymous said...

You remind me of a cartoon character that used to play on Tv :)


Jasmina said...

Ya 7ayati ya dondon. Well for a lady of 180cm length, you should have around 70kg. As long as you are healthy (inshallah dayman) it would be ok. BTW, I have joined a gym yesterday, I have been suffering a bad mood since more than a month and really needed a change!! good luck 7obbi :)

Life said...

:) Great Job
'Fit' Is the key word.. You dont need to stop eating chocolate :D Jasmina for example came out the gym last night.. and took us to the ...Hmm lets see..
Popyes(mashed botato) for Jasmina..
And Crema creams (Ice cream) for life..fa sho ra2yak :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thanks kinzo!! i will definitely hold on to my chocolate addiction! just no more large quantities :P

mazz thanks maz * dino writes down tip

gullerveurjgskjgkaj hmmm sorry i tried to write that but failed lol


hani obaid
it has a name... i never shared it with the world.. it is poolie :)
and well it doesnt really represent anything just a cute funny imaginary character that i created.. originated from a memory i had with a cow that saved my life :P haha its not as deep as some might think

qwiader u know after the workout you start feeeling guilty about food in general because u realize how hard it is to burn the calories in even AN APPLE ! so imagine the chocolata! :P but still i do eat after and i eat more as a reward for the efforts ! ya3ni ru7t 3al faaaaaaadi

sharifo i have always joined gyms... i go for the first week.. then i just look at the membership card and feel guilty and say " lazim aroo7 3aib 3alay 3aaab haadi flooos ra7at 3alay"

then one day i look at the card and realize that the membership is over and i probably rejoin hahaha

creation she is looking for 3arees send me your cv application haha
list your fav foods and mainly if you r vegetarian or not :P

Jasmina said...

You forgot the kinder bueno ya life :smile min elthan lalthan: lol and today I brought you breakfast :di7keh shirrira:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

3oriental!! sa7 sa7 sa7 you are right i think hadol il instructers have a goal to make the world anorexic ! ana ba2ool ya3ni mnee7 mini ray7a il gym ya3ni! ( ba7amil il naas jmeeleh) ;p

proud pali.. yislam fumitch! u are totally right some people are big boned and some have more muscles than fat! ya3ni its not necessarily weight
:) ana 3admi t2eeel kteer .. ana koli 3adaam ma fiyeh la7mi :P hehe

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonymous laykoon you stole my shoes in revenge? ana i didnt take anything la i pod wala you pod!

what is the cartoon character i remind you of?!

JASmoooooni & life ana id love to work out with you! li2ano ya3ni it sounds like fun! bas at the same time i know i wont be losing any pounds !! hahaha

kinder bueno khalee baynik wa bayno!! :P

Hani Obaid said...

Hold on, a cow saved your life ? I think this deserves a separate post to tell the story, with photos of the real life hero cow !

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i already did post about it here check this link

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...
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