Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chef Don Don

Don Don, Chef Don Don is the name ! I forgot to tell you all that about a week ago i had my first 3azeeeemeh! I had to cook for 7 people! I made " waraq 3inab", lazagnya, chicken with mushrooms and white sauce & fatet MaQdoos!

*pats herself on the back with pride
* dino bakhirs herself and says " ismaaaalllaa 3alaya ismallah" lol hahaha

I never knew that could be possible.. i am so used to sleeping till adan and mom having everything ready Allah ya3teeha il 3afya!! Oh i also made chocolate mouse that day!

it was all good! the sign was that the girls could barely breath or move from eating way too much. ( wait that could also be a bad sign ) lol

3anyway... As i promised i will share some secret recipes so Jeeebo waraka wa kalam wa ta3aloooo jaaaaay yamma! :)

let's start with the easy stuff...

Chicken with Corn & Mushroom

Ingredients :
2-3 tbs oil oil
1 cup water
1 onion
1 green onion
Chicken Breasts ( sliced ) no bone
1 can mushroom
1 can corn
salt & pepper
1 maggie cube
2 small cooking creme
3-4 tbs flour ( depends on how think you want the sauce)

How to Cook it :)

Get the garlic around 4 cloves of garlic grind them
Cut the onions and chicken to small pieces.
Mix the chicken with garlic and onion with around 1 tbs oil till you feel the chicken is almost cooked

Then Add Mushroom & Corn . Mix

leave for a bit.. then add maggie cube with 1 cup water

Add Cooking creme

Mix and add corn flower to make it thicker... add much as desired and then add salt and pepper

( eat it with rice ) uncle Ben's rice tastes better with it :)

ENJOY Yummy yummy yummy



Summer said...

Great Job Don Don!!
you must have good NAFAS 3ala el tabee5!!
check this out, i know that not so new recipes but you might get ideas:

ola said...

Atta girl :D but I have a question, is it true that when you cook you lose your appetite for what you're cooking? Jennifer Aniston says that :D

Wedad... said...

Dandooon ya m3addal

I made it for the first time b awwal Ramadan :D el 7amdella no 5asa2er

Ola it depends 3ala el sha5s :D maslan ana ba7essesh b ta3em eshe, bs fe nas bel 3aks, elle botbo5ooh be7ebbooh o be7essooh kteer zaki o benfete7 nefs'hom

momken so2aal janebi? esh el barnamij elle btesta3meleeh la your cartoons :shy:?

Drama Div@ said...

Hey there Superwoman!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

samoor :) hayk bi2ooliloooli il nas bas la hala2 ma fhimit ya3ni batnafas 3ala il tabeekh biseer azka :P thanks for the link

ola well it is true your appetie is not like it is when you are sitting mirta7a waiting for someone else to serve you without going through the trouble of cooking and "jali" and smelling the tabkha throughout the tabeekh journey... but that doesnt mean you dont EAT like a bagara lol

weddo i use illustrator :) and tislameeli inti wa hal kalam il jawaher :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey dram d :) thanks

* dino flys with a bag of flour in her hand and spays her magical cooking flour on the world..

all the world awakens with a sudden ability to cook in their sleep