Monday, December 17, 2007


After a very long post that made even my mom cry :( i have to cheer you guys up...

EID IS HERE and im off for a WEEK! Kol sana wa into salmeen!!

And i guess no one will be singing Mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb for a while.. it will probably be like.. sub7i thaba7 kharoof kharfan kharoof kharfan kharoof kharfan :P

ENJOY IT & here is a line from a movie i recently saw " ACCEPT THE GOOD"
i am going to accept the Good in my life :) Al hamdulilah


sally said...

hi there,im going thru a dificult period in my life maybe it's temperary and maybe it's not but i know that ive never never cried in my whole life like im crying now everyday i wakeup crying and i cry myself untill i sleep oh yeah im so lonely:)but u know what i really loved the last sintence in ur post IM GOING TO ACCEPT THE GOOD THINGS IN MY LIFE.and im going to accept the good things in my life.

Qabbani said...

Happy Eid , o Ad7a mobark :)

o 2nnsha2a Allah kel ayamek betkoon 7elweh :)

o most of it good :)

faye said...

we didnt even celebrate :(cuz we aint got alot of family here in sweden

hope you had a nice eid

Arab Lady said...

yin3ad 3leeki dandan

May this Eid brings to ur father health & long life

Jasmina said...

Yeah, cheer up lady, inshallah everything will be ok :) Trust in Allah :hugs & kisses: