Sunday, December 30, 2007

MY Trip to Kuwait

I was in kuwait for 5 days visiting Ahmed's Family and well it was a nice visit! I went to visit relatives who havent seen me in 17 years... you can imagine the stories they said about me!

"inti ya dina konti 6i6na6ani fil bayt wa tghaaani ughniyet " DIN DAN DON"

amm amm didnt remember that.. but i do remember my mom saying that i used to bite everyone that visited us! I also found out many stories about 7amooda's childhood! this story i MUST share with the world!

Apparently ba3loooli was always as quiet as he is now... only when he was a kid he hardly spoke they thought he couldn't speak.. till one day some anti was mad at them and said " ra7 adba7kom bil 3asayeh" ( i will slaughter you with this STICK) <-- come to think of it that is not a nice thing to say to little kids

Anyway then.... 7amooda SPOKE! and said " il 3athaaya ma btidba7 il thekeena bath il btidba7"
" the stick can't slaughter only a knife does that "

MIRACLE CHILD! hehe ya3nii all this time he could speak but felt it was unnecessary and when he finally does say something its kalam Jawaher! mashala he skipped that gaga googoo stage to saying meaningful sentences!

not only that he skipped the crawling phase and walked as soon as his parents got him shoes!

jowzi ana khateeer! I always felt he was special:)

Anyway enough about our childhood! back to the relatives visit! You know how some people love to force you to EAT?! ya3ni u eat as much as you can.. then they start swearing
" WALLAHI la takli wala baz3al minik" and u eat some more then u think you are done and they come in with DESSERT and you are like " i wish i didnt have that knafeh sandwich for breakfast"!! And you finally reach the point of NO MORE!!! And they glare at that ka3keh in your hand and say " YALLA KOLEEEHA 2odaaaaME GHAs MIN 3anik" * gulp

YALA koleeeha 7alaft bidik iyaaani Asooooom 3 days?

*dinos thinking i wish i was fasting before this visit!

Dinos : "bas ya 3amti ma ba7ib il ka3k bi fustu2"
Anti force feeder : LA LA haaaada ghier hada zaaaki JArbeeeeh
DinoS : YA anti law akaltha 7amooot
Anti : LA LA mush mushkileh kolha mowteh ( just kidding i made this up )
YA ANti 3indi 7asaseyeh min il fustu2

*Dinos looks at 7amooda for help offers the ka3keh with a puppy look and smile
*7amooda also full gives her the " ma dakhalneesh look"
* slowly dina bites the ka3keh.. feeling and tasting every crumb

Then we all ran away before they forced us to nitghada!

btw even after all that eating they were not pleased and said " ya dina btakleesh"

*dinos looks down at karsh that has suddenly popped out after visit



Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol at the picture! Kolee ghas min 3annik!

Have you had any offers on your cartoons and illustrations yet? To make a book? Any type of collection? You have massive talent mashallah and this could go really far.

Wedad... said...

lol that was so funny :D

I hope you had a great Eid :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

shaykhspeara... *sigh*

no.. no offers.. but it would be my dream to have my caroons published or on tv :) thanks for the uplifting comment :)

Weddo :) zaman 3anik now that u posted its akeed EID :)

Anonymous said...

a typical arabic family hehe
made me hungry actually :P
keep it up

CresceNet said...
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silly lilly said...

while reading the anti forcefeeder bit i actually teared from laughter...considering my grandma is sleeping next to me and i have 2 be super queit while laughing, the tears r flooding....hahahaha

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonymous yes it's typical of arabs to force feed each other :) then they wonder whey they all have a BIG KARSH :P

Silly lilly

awwww your comment made my day ! you really think it was that funny :) i'm glad you enjoyed my post and i hope your tata didnt wake up from your supressed giggles :P hehe

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