Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gym Gym Gym

After many days of blubber mode and lack of motion i finally joined a gym with 7amooda! I want to be fit! To feel that energy boost you feel after working out!! I still cant seem to stop the chocolate addiction but at least now im moving! hehe

A lady at the gym aims to make me anorexic and says that the ideal weight for someone who is 180 should be 55! hmmm i have a skinny friend who is way shorter than me who says she is 56 so lets say i do reach that ! i will probably be a eligible for a poster for the next " the ring" movie or more like " the SKELETON KEY"

my aim is to be more fit and healthy not kill myself! So what if i'm not a model stick! So what if i appreciate chocolata! So what if i like to eat real food once in a while! if i love myself and 7amooda loves me then i don't really care about what some lady thinks.

Cow joined too :P

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Another day.. another adventure... another injury lol

As i was ba7oos fil ma6bakh.. i slipped... i remember things went into slow motion as i fell.. but al hamdulilah as always GAT Saleeemah.. just a few bruises here and there... nothing serious hamdulilah!

But you know what.. my imaginary cow seems to be afraid to hang around me these days and even when she does she wears a helmet... wonder why? :P

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baab Al 7ARRA 3

I think most of the world is watching baab al 7aara! i have to say i am hooked! i have started saying things like " ya allah ya allah" everytime i enter a room! i call ahmed " ibn 3ameee"!

So this year baab il 7ara will be over but next year baab il 7ara 3 will be even BETTER ! Starring the NEW za3eeeem! My bagara! And a new addition to the cast that seems to fit in perfectly because she loves the kitchen! Um Mifli7 :P

I need to send out a message to all men who watch baab il 7aara... women in the musalsal are "make-believe". Women who are treated like they are nothing but slaves and cooks and are happy about it DON' t Exist . And if they do... Allah y3eeehum 3ala hal 3eesheh

many men have thought about finding a syrian wife... and well my syrian friend says " MA 3aaaad fee hayk bi sooooriya, killon 2wayaaaaah"

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE!!!! i'll be off for a week so no posts :) take care

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chef Don Don

Don Don, Chef Don Don is the name ! I forgot to tell you all that about a week ago i had my first 3azeeeemeh! I had to cook for 7 people! I made " waraq 3inab", lazagnya, chicken with mushrooms and white sauce & fatet MaQdoos!

*pats herself on the back with pride
* dino bakhirs herself and says " ismaaaalllaa 3alaya ismallah" lol hahaha

I never knew that could be possible.. i am so used to sleeping till adan and mom having everything ready Allah ya3teeha il 3afya!! Oh i also made chocolate mouse that day!

it was all good! the sign was that the girls could barely breath or move from eating way too much. ( wait that could also be a bad sign ) lol

3anyway... As i promised i will share some secret recipes so Jeeebo waraka wa kalam wa ta3aloooo jaaaaay yamma! :)

let's start with the easy stuff...

Chicken with Corn & Mushroom

Ingredients :
2-3 tbs oil oil
1 cup water
1 onion
1 green onion
Chicken Breasts ( sliced ) no bone
1 can mushroom
1 can corn
salt & pepper
1 maggie cube
2 small cooking creme
3-4 tbs flour ( depends on how think you want the sauce)

How to Cook it :)

Get the garlic around 4 cloves of garlic grind them
Cut the onions and chicken to small pieces.
Mix the chicken with garlic and onion with around 1 tbs oil till you feel the chicken is almost cooked

Then Add Mushroom & Corn . Mix

leave for a bit.. then add maggie cube with 1 cup water

Add Cooking creme

Mix and add corn flower to make it thicker... add much as desired and then add salt and pepper

( eat it with rice ) uncle Ben's rice tastes better with it :)

ENJOY Yummy yummy yummy