Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Did you ever feel like you were "JAAAHLEH"? (ignorant) I remember the first time i had to use those automatic water taps that work by sensors. I remember thinking " HOW DOES THIS WORK? WISHO hatha?" i felt like a had just come from the farthest desert when the lady in front of me looked at me and laughed and said " hayk" as she very elegantly swayed her hand under the water faucet and OMG WATER CAME OUT!

ALLAHU AKBAR! *dino stands mouth wide open staring at the magic water
* dinos starts doing tricks by seeing how good the sensors are
*people stare at dino when she uses her foot in the sink
* dinos is taken away from the bathroom with bodyguards after being reported as a "weirdo"

Anyway.. This whole automatic thing has become more and more common. Everything is automatic even the FLUSH! i mean come on are people that LAZY? Even the soap comes out as soon as you place your hand at the sensor!

My friend heard a man who most probably was Jordanian in the mall and he was also as amused as i was with this technology. he was like " YA ZALAMEH HAATH IL SAboon BINZAL HOWN MARGHI KHAAALIS"

3anyway i sense people are only becoming more lazy depending on technology in everything in life. They move less and eat more. Which brings me to my new Jowhara theory which is that


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

cudnt hold my laffs bil maktab allah yeKta3 il yahood! LOL 3al dahwaleh illi enti feeha :D

and yes, to comment 3al jawhara moral of the story, i aJree :-o: w ba7ebb adeef ino: BeeBol r fa6 coz of sh!t like zat!


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hahah inti tu7fa

Maisastic said...

LOOOOL@the jordanian man, didnt laugh that much for ages!

thank u dino :huggah:

Oriental Arabesque said...

LOOOL...u made me laugh so hard..yes yes wallah ma3ek 7a2!
life is becoming so easy and we're getting more lazy...

once my friend called a computer shop to get a replacement for her laptop's cable and she simply asked them if they can deliver it home! ba3dein she was surprised enu why the guy was stunned min her question!
la2 ma ma3o 7a2 fi3lan! :p
enu for God's sake u have a car and we're in Abu Dhabi here (ab3ad mishwar abu 20 min) so move and go get the cable mishan allah!

Anonymous said...

Lol, ya 7ayati ya dino sho innek lazizeh. You reminded me about my brother who uses the remote to switch on the tv that is 1 meter away from him!!

wonders said...

3njad nahfeh, bs ya 7elwe it is not about being lazy, this is for general hygene :)

you don't have to touch things after 88,947 bani adam, God knows how disgusting people can be...

Anonymous said...

if you start to excerise more you wont be as fat ...