Tuesday, February 12, 2008


this guy's cartoons are amazing i didn't know he had animations!! He has inspired me to start my own animations! CHeck this "3alarasi" video out! hahahahahahahaha

Soon i will be posting one of my VIDEOS starring BAGARTI


Batoul A. said...

I can't seem to be able to see the video but im excited to see yours!

Qwaider قويدر said...

This is 3anjad sooooooooooooo funny!! :)

Maioush said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL o5t el shelen!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA mesh tabee3i!
Dino, you have to start your own, can't wait to see your first movie :)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

premiére popcorn on me dondon :D

Batoul A. said...

loooolllol tfeh 3laik! haha omg, hilarious.

Qabbani said...


well i saw this in real :D