Thursday, February 07, 2008


So just when i thought i got those " bidkeesh titzawajee?" people off my back! A new group appears and this group is called " Bidkeesh tkhalfeee?"

Oh oh and the question i hate the most " MUSH MKHABYALNA ISHI?"
hmmm awalan it's not a GIFT for you for me to HIDE wa when you say " MKHABYA-LNA"
does it mean when the baby is born you will be the one staying up all night breast feeding and changing diapers??

or when they say "bidkeeesh tjeeebelna baby nil3ab 3alieh?"

HELLO?! Go to jbeeiha il3abi as much as u want! Babies are not a TOY!

I see mothers who spend the whole day complaining about their kids and how getting babies ruined their bodies and their marriage! Then after an hour of complaining they say...


Dont get me wrong i love kids and inshala someday i will have my own kids. BUT STOP ASKING ME! When i do get one i'll probably have a big fat post about it!!