Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wayn il Buffet?

I dunno if its just an arab thing but i think not. I think its human nature. It's only human nature to always go where you feel you are getting a good deal or where you are getting "value" for your money. So what does everyone all around the world do? EAT!!

When you hear the word "FREE" next to "FOOD" the only image that comes to my head is some sort of ATTACK or INVASION. No FOOD + Hunger = BREAKING DOWN WALLS! But this "Hujooom" is not only when you are hungry or poor.

For ex you go to a wedding, a very classy wedding. All those people from "yaaay" wa "tra la la la" class, wearing high heels and dresses by eli saab. You think those are the last in line for the buffet? Think AGAIN.

There is just something about buffets at weddings restaurants or anywhere. It's like some sort of race where you want to get the most out of it. You wish your stomache had the capacity of a tank so you can go for 2nd,3rd rounds. You start poking the person next to you and say" yala yala 3al DESSERT 2alb ma yikhlas." And even if you have no space left u force yourself to eat some more li2ano ya3ni BISIRISH!

After you are done stuffing your face and you leave your plate full of the weird food you decided to Tuskub in your overflowing plate. You sit there and you are hardly breathing and some unbotton the first zirr on their bantaloon and say " akhhhh akalt kteeer"


Cow tries to stop people from having cow meat in their buffets by making her own rebellious strike.


Anonymous said...

o.m.g! no no, this is mostly in the middle east! My family invited me to some saba7yet neswan in Syria as my graduation celebration and it was a buffet WOW. I was so disappointed at the disorganization and craziness. These are high class women (bas balash) that are all looky looky what she and her are wearing and cant handle to make a line and go in one way flow around a table and no no, they established the talent of holding three full plates at a time, hideous.

Dino$ said...

hahahha so true!!!! i forgot to mention the 3 plate strategy to get as much food as possible.

:) thanks for sharing batooula

Anonymous said...

Yee sho 3anna 3adat say2a, ana shakhsiyan bakol abel ma roo7 3ala ai 3eres mshan ma 2oom ou 7es 7ali mitl elsha7adeh wa2feh 3al bofeh. 3an jad a7san seated!

Maher said...

honestly, i believe it only happens in Arab world! lol
la2 o feee tafanonaat! they eat at the buffet o ma ba3raf sho! :s

Oriental Arabesque said...

i always talk with my friends about this and keef el nawraneh betbayen when there's a buffet..ka2ano el 3alam mu shayfeen akel before!! lol

that's why i tell everyone ma beddi buffet in my wedding (if i ever have one :p) it will seated

Amjad Wadiِ said...

The first time I went to a buffet restaurant was in Petra, we were in a trip with the university, its name was, ... , ... , i forgot , since i ate too much that day :) .. it was called Alanbaat .. I had few spoons of salad and came back to table, while most guys were filling up their plates with all kinds of food .. few minuets later, I was, along with few other guys having our time choosing what we want. I faced the same situation everywhere I went, I even have seen some guys filling up 3 or 4 plates before they start eating, then they go back to the food bar and tell the waitress take this plate, keep this plate, ...

BTW the worst buffets are those in big 5 starts hotels !!