Monday, March 17, 2008

Ana Geet Shaha2a ya Ramadan

After i spent some time in my bubble with my bagara. Contemplating and thinking about life and the way things happen and the way sometimes your experiences in life change who you are.

When you are depressed or sad you have a more realistic perception of life and your abilities. When you are too positive you lose sense of realism and you get a sense or belief that you can control, or at least influence outcomes that you in reality have NO influence over.

I guess we all need slaps of reality every once in a while to sit and think and be more realistic. My main lesson is you can't Control everything in life. ONLY GOD can do that.

I believe that it's true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and wiser. I believe that instead of crying and saying" why does it always rain on me" I should get my self an UMBRELLA to shield myself from the rain. TO expect it anyday even on the sunniest days the umbrella will always be with me.

I believe anything found in abundance will only make it lose its worth. When you know you have something or that's always available you stop appreciating it or realizing its true worth.

Even feelings, tears or words when expressed excessively they stop having the same meaning. Scarcity makes everything more precious and appreciated.

I am not going to be a negative person. I will just stop being naive.

We are human beings. Made out of clay. Clay can be molded into many things. It can be turned into an ashtray or a monument or work of art. We are the clay. And we are what we make of ourselves. I will not be an ashtray. I will not let anyone step all over me or treat me less than i deserve to be treated. I am a creation of God. That itself makes me a work of ART.

I believe that sometimes i have to live knowing that i don't have all the answers in life and that sometimes its better not knowing those answers. That the more you know the more you wish you didn't know.

I also believe that chocolata can make me feel better at ANY DAY.

Enough wisdom for one day :P *dino takes off thinking cap

Im BACK. Im fine and I Missed you :) My bagoora says hi :)


ايحـــــــاء said...

Sho? khair? fee mashakel 3a2ilyyeh?

Qabbani said...

Welcome back :)

Dino$ said...

no al hamdulilah no mashakil :)

qabbani thanks

Qwaider قويدر said...

Zaman 3annek


Ishta2na lal bagara :)

Maioush said...

welcome back Dino :)
you have been missed ya bent :)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

Welcome back .. nice to see you around again ..

Say mwaaaaaaaaaaa to your bagara :-)

sharifo said...

Welchome yumma !!
salmi 3al bagara chteer el salam !

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Missed you :)
i totally know what you are talking about.. i just dont blog when i am stressed out until i clear out my mind :)

yasaminatdimashq said...

Dino... I miss you a lot 7abibti, big hug 4 u!! After all this is life ou hadol el3alam, ou kol shi biseer ilo 7ikmeh, elmohim inno el7amdella se77itna tamam ou lissa a7san min 3'airna ::big bar of chocolate::

Batoul A. said...

Lak welcome backkkk! shta2nalek! "I am a creation of God. That itself makes me a work of ART." This is soooooo beautifully written, I might want to quote you, DAMN! lol.. whatever the situation is, I hope you have an umbrella :)

Hiii bagoora! :hug: (the annoying tight hug Dino hates) lool

Câmera Digital said...

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Dino$ said...

qwidar il bagara says hi! i am soo m3assbeh 3ala youtube i finished the animation of bagoora with soundeffects but it wont upload!!! ya3ni sho istafadit ana if i cant share it with the world?!

maoueish * dino 3ayna tudami3
merci ya kameela

amjad... *waves bus6ar bagarati ma bitboos wala btinbaaas! iza bit7ib ti6lobha 2oli bas :P

sahrif! hahah 7ase the bagara is more famous than i am! wala yihmak wisil! tab liesh ma ba3tielha bi lmara kees bakdoonis?

mrs al ramahi ;) glad it was u on facebook wa mush some other ramahiyeh :) nawarat my leeesta
dont u hate kilmet "leeesta" lol

Dino$ said...

batoula * dinos face is red.. then blue then a weird color.. min il tight hug.. ana ba7obek bas ya3ni min al 7u ma qatal wa khanaq.

*dino faints

haha batoola shukran 3ala raf3 il ma3nawiyat! tislameeeli!

* hugs her tighter wa poor batooula cant breath because dina is tall and her head is mlazi2 fi dinos batoon! at the moment dino is hungry so she can also hear some mean 3asafeer batin!

okay when i get carried away like that someone has to STOP ME!


camera digtal if i let u advertise your link her do i get a free camera? mine is not working since i lost its charger :)