Thursday, March 27, 2008

ana Maleed

So... Don't you hate it when someone is extremely sick and insists on coming to work to spread the virus?! Yes i am sick at work as i type but im in the final stages of the marad not the phase with aggressive viruses!

As i was sitting bi AMAN Allah working on something a co-worker who is known for spreading her love and sharing her viruses on more than occassion comes to our office.

DOor slowly opens *eeeeeeeeeeee
"ya nas ana ta3abanah"

*dino notices the tissue in her hand and the sound of barabeer in her voice
and trys to hide behind the computer

*girl gets closer to dina.

dino read somewhere that you should be 6 feet away from someone who is sick

*measures in her mind! " LAaaaa2aa ma bidi" the inner dino screams

HHA HA HATsooooooooooooooooooooo girls sneezes right next to dinos

Dinos can actually feel the virus move in slow motion

at that moment i knew it.. in3adiet...


Now i feel like there is a a group of munchkins dancing a dabkeh in my throat and that some pipe has broken in my nose.

Positive thought : i like the mrashi7 voice :) hehe

poor bagara hugged me and well has joined the infected club.


4 girls at work are sick now.
next time if you are sick and go to work don't VISIT others stick to your place and save us some barabeer production :P


sara said...


he he he :D

Hani Obaid said...

lol@barabeer production.

I look at it this way. I'm gonna get that cold anyway, might as well get it over with.

Get well :)

Dino$ said...

haha sara yes sa7 the letters M and B are messed up! lol

hani :) speaking of barabeer

*dino blows her nose and makes the loudest naffeh sound :P


Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

ente brash7aaaaaa :) salamat!! :)

Summer said...

Salamet 2albek! i hope you feel better soon! lots of fluids and chicken soup would do miracles...oh yeah, rest too!

Princess N said...

You have been tagged.. please check it out

Batoul A. said...

salamtekkkk woman! is bagoora sick too? :( :hug mn b3eed: yostor 3lekom mesh na2esni lool

LuLu...! said...

hey dino..

ur tagged :)

Wasaski said...

Lol funny... people who come to work sick always feel the need to share the love

yasaminatdimashq said...

Salamtek :)

Dino$ said...

mrs al ramahi :) aah lisa brash-7a

samoora can i drink hot cocoa instead? wa broccoli soup? hehe
Allah ysalmek

brinseesa i will check your tag now

batoula *dinoa sneezes and hugs her haha ta3alili

lulu wa princess nafs il tag *confuses
*blows nose with confusion

wassaki another girl at work is sick today i am just praying that she has the same sickness i had and not a new virus!

yasmina Allah ysalmik