Sunday, April 13, 2008

Annoying People

Sorry i have not had time to draw my own cartoons in each post so i might as well post the ones that have been published :) this was an article about the annoying people that just won't get the hint and stick to you and just wont LEAVE u ALONE!

They talk and talk.. in their very very irritating voice and tone.. Saying very pointles things that just piss you off some more.. and u start blocking everything they say when all u see is someone talking and you know they are saying something but they are totally on BLOCK... And even if you dont join in on the conversation.. and u only nod or say things like AH.. Aha.. hmmm hhhmm mmm... they CONTINUE.... going on an on... BLA BLA BLA

This type of person is born to annoy the world. Those people that are just simply so zinkheen your blood pressure goes up just at the mere THOUGHT of them. They don't intentionally annoy you but its them being THEMSELVES that GETS ON YOUR EVERY NERVE...

I will not go into who is annoying me... generally speaking there are people that you must see on almost a daily basis and they are just UNBEARABLE!

I just hope i am not that person to someone :S freaky thought!!


yasaminatdimashq said...

Ya 7ayati.. Tawli balek, 3an jad fi nas ma bi7isso!!!!

Maher said...

ok really reallly!
do you really really design these pic yourself?
they are so amazing! i personally love em!

Batoul A. said...

oh god, I know exactly what you're saying. I've learned the talent of blocking someone while they speak. Its like their lips are moving but I cant hear anything lalalaaaaa.

Dino$ said...

hehe ok yasminati :)

yes ofcourse i do :) thank u for the compliment!

batoula... yes i know bla bla bla bla bla... * you keep nodding as if u are listening to a word they say!


Apparently im one of these ppl according to a msg i recieved...

whoever is that annoyed by me... why do u still visit this blog? is it like watching a movie u hate to annoy yourself?

im flattered that you hate me enough to keep coming and dropping your lovely uplifting comments :S