Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So.. Lots of people have gotten married and lots are having babies and this brings me to the thought of having my own kids one day. And the idea of finding out you were pregnant with TWINS! or even triplets if u are lucky enough!

You throughout your life you experience all sorts of things and its only a few that for some reason STICK to your mind! I remember when i was around 10 years old i was invited with my family to a "3azeemeh" at some family friend's house. I also remember that there were a lot of kids. And that one of them PEED on the CARPET!!!

OMG.. His mom freaked out and was totally embarrassed to what her kid has done! IT was a memorable scene!!Another kid broke some expensive vase in the living room while playing soccer in the house!

KIDS! AAAAAAAAAAAH! i love them but i worry about being a mom one day! HOW did our parents MANAGE!!


Summer said...

I am not worried about you! You will make a great mom one day...soon maybe?
Have a great day!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Everywhere I look these days I see pregnant women!
I think they're taking over the world!

Dino$ said...

summer :) not soon inshala :) but i hope i dont freak out as a mom :)

qwaider yes they are taking over the world * all pregnant ladies start laughing an evil laugh

kinzi said...

I notice the above Dino-mommy LOST her sunglasses! Yea, you lose a bit of who you are, but they CAN be trained not to play soccer in the house. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's such a freaky thought Dino :/ Parenting isn't easy especially these days.
This cartoon is extra awesome because it made me think how is the other stroller being manageD? lol..

Anonymous said...

They managed "biso3obeh" hehe, but here we are and here they are, everything is just fine now and the only thing parents never regret is having babies :)

Lilly said...

dont worry :) u will manage ;)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

ever since blogger was blocked at work i cant c those cartoons and i miss commenting here!!!

and tell me bout it! i know ppl who got married last summer and this year will celebrate their first anniversary with a baby! its insane.. especially bi hal zaman, fi3lan i donno how our parents did it..

im sure u will make a gr8 mom dina, and im sure u will be able to keep them in the right path spiritually and mentally :)

God bless!

Dino$ said...

kinzi lol that i will learn from u someday!

Batoula it's not really managed it's out of control! :P

Yasminati of course how can someone regret having u as their daughter! i have met a few parents who regret il khilfeh wa yom il khilfeh :S

thanks lilly i hope so

proud pali ba2ool wayn ghaaaatsa! i cant believe they blocked it at work :P

for the record i am not pregnant :)