Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dinos vs Bionic Namooseh

So picture this you are about to sleep and you have the covers over your head and then u hear... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... mosquito attack! U cant sleep since it is determined not only to suck your blood out but to also sing in your ear!!

Yesterday i saw a namooseh on the wall. Upside down. Waiting for the right moment to have her dinner! So i thought i would "atghada beeha abl ma tit3asha beya" so well slowly i tip toe towards the jamooseh. I couldnt reach so i used a towel to kill it.

so.. after i thought it was dead. I look up at the wall and it is there. This time i made sure i hit it. AND I AM SURE I DID! But this namooseh bisab3it rwaaa7!

Again i find it in the same place. then i yell " AHMEEEEEED ta3al 2o2tolha"

Ofcourse ahmed came to the rescue as always and even he is not sure it is dead

*twilight zone music

*namoosa home has invited all her namoos friends for a 3azeemeh on Dino$ tonight


Tamara said...

Loool dino, use vape : ) gets them every time

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

until now, i didnt find any namooseh! But i guess that summer didnt really start here! Its cold every now and then..

I have this electrical vape that is close to me when i sleep, so that if any "namooseh" tries to come close it would go dizzy and fall! *evil laugh*

Princess N said...

you reminded me of the nukteh I heard when i was little: marra wa7ad la2a dubban bi baito, fakar aish yi3mel, atal wa7deh o kabha min il shubbak, til3o kolhom iy3azo...

Jasim said...

And until this day I wonder, why didn't Noah (Noa7) kill the two mosquitoes on the ship?! Why did he take them to begin with? :@

Dino$ said...

tamara :) thanks i usually go for the shib shib technique it helps release some supressed anger lol sometimes i even imagine a namooseh and throw shoes around :P

Mrs al ramahi! i remember di3ayet vape that i saw when i was a kid that was hilarious nifsi ashoofha! it was hilarious!! ba3dien ma tista3jileesh 3al namoos ! mit7aliflik :P

Brinceesa lol

zay nuktet il 7amil 3ilbet masameer and wi2i3 mino musmar kab il ba2i wa 2al " roo7o jeebooh"

tan ta ra ra n tan tan



SHO IL KHAla hal fikra tukhtur 3ala balak lol

usually i am asked this question!

im seriously asking now... Are all the animals and insects that we have in our world today originally from safeenit noo7? :S