Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Prices = NaaaaR

Global food prices have risen by 40% in the last nine months. That explains why the TWIX bar is now 3 dirhams rather than 1.5 :S

I feel all the prices are going up and the salaries are going down. I remember not so long ago when you had a 100 DHS u felt rich and u could get more than one thing! Now its like you go to buy a few groceries and the bill is more than 300 DHS!

Um il 3abd is complaining and after going to get some rice for her kids found that even the price for RICE has gone up! Her kids sell chewing gum in 2isharat 3abdoon now and they seem to be doing well !

conclusion is akhritna nish7at


sharifo said...

el wa7ad mesh 3aref men ween yetla2aha..inshalla kheir
BTW where is your cow ?!

Zee said...

ya far7it albi, tammantini. Akhertna nesh7at!!!! i would've adviced ppl to become Vegetarians like me, bas wallah el Vegetarians meals sayreen aghla min el la7meh! its becoming more like you can only eat healthy if u have lots of money!

bagollik akhertna mesh nesh7at, yemkin 7a nseer ner3a zay el ghanam. hek tla2eena majmou3een 3al bu7aira w nazleeen nahesh bi hal 7asheesh!

Ola said...

Yes, where is the cow? Please don't tell me you had it for dinner in reaction to the global prices frenzy!

Dino$ said...

sharifo cow is on vacation :P

Zee loooooooool ghanam! lol what have i done to u?!!?

ola my cow is currently on vacation and asked for time away because last time i went to buy la7meh i noticed the high prices and she noticed me staring at her kalabeez :P

Anonymous said...

hey Dina, how r u?

everything alright?!

What happened to ur facebook account?