Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Post ( for a while)

Hello readers.

This will be my last post. And i just wanted to say thank you all for your comments and i am sorry that i wont be blogging anymore.

I will miss you all & Cow will miss you all too :)


Anonymous said...

tab whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?????????????


Anonymous said...

WHY ?? Is it Ahmad ?? .. Anyway .. I respect your decision and I wish you the best ..

Amjad Wadiِ said...


Summer said...

the blogosphere is losing one of its best by you quitting!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh no! :(

We will miss you. Although, I kinda saw that coming. :(

Regards to the familia

Falastini Amerki said...

Please do not go?
Or at least come and leave comments on your friends blogd

Dino$ said...


my main reason behind this blog was to vent and speak out my mind freely and recently i havent been able to do that and i feel my blog has lost its purpose. I might come back after a while.

And anonymous no its not Ahmed bil 3aks he was convincing me to keep the blog and he is one of the people who is PRO-Dino Blog

Amjad :) im still around ill be commenting on your blogs more inshala

summer... that is very sweet of you to say

qwaidar.. you always know things somehow dont u? :) Do u have secret agents around the world? :)

falastini i might change my mind and well ill definitely be leaving my comments your blogs.

and life goes on... said...

why?! :S that's sad!

Qabbani said...


U joking right ??

come on u cant Quit like that , its not something u just do for fun

there's ppl here read it enjoy it !!!

blog is like a friend ..come on Reconsider

Go back and read ur reader comments

mo 7aram to leave all this ...

and the Cow ... :(

Jasim said...

I really did enjoy reading your blog. It's such a shame to quit.

Anyway, hoping one day you'll be back. You're going to be missed.

loolt said...

That's a shame, I know I didnt comment much, but I did really enjoy your cartoons. The addition of cow was just perfect!

Hope you reconsider!

Anca said...

Since long time I read ur blog, and I enjoy it, the cartoons are great:)
I hope you'll reconsider ur decision.
warm greetings

Dino$ said...

and life goes on

i feel my blog has been misunderstood by many people. I dunno i am thinking of going back.

qabbani.... okay... ur right...
i will be back soon...

jasim... inshala i will... i will just take some time of to think things over.


awww... thank you so much... i will be back with bagoora..

ANCA :) thank u soo much


IM COMING BACK :) once i get out of this phase that im in.

enas said...

no please don't leave
my name is enas
i've been reading your blog (men zaman!!)

Life said...

this is sad.. :(
you will surely be missed girl!
I wish you will get more time for your blog and you will be back soon!
or what you can do is not just Quite like this :) why dont you decide to post once every two weeks!
Or just make a time that is suites you the most! :)
That was just a thought! :)
Good luck and know you have readers who will miss you!

Dino$ said...

enas :) ya cute ! i loved that baby pic was going to make me cry!

i promise to be back soon... sooner than you think :)

i had no idea my blog meant that much to people... i thought it wouldnt matter if i just disappeared into some cave on an island like "LOST"

LIfe... i always loved your comments and i appreciate your kind words i will blog more than once every 2 weeks i promise..

it's just a short break...

And to those who think my blog is pathetic... Dont read it...

And to those who get offended i never meant to offend you in anyway

I should not let anyone stop me from doing anything i love..

i love doing cartoons and blogging and i love getting comments and knowing that somewhere out there someone has smiled reading my blog... that makes my day...

So Conclusion is.. You are all right... i am not quiting... and i will blog again soon... And if you don't like me or my blog then don't read it :)

Anca said...

HeYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I like you so much. Don't bother with people who don't like you, that's mean you are to good for them :))))))))
Wait for new post; from now on I'll comment alwaysssss
Warm greetings and head up, don't let anyone stop you doing what you enjoy :)

Dino$ said...

ANCA *big hug*

Thank you that meant a lot to me

Amjad Wadiِ said...

I don't want you to visit my blog .... as much as I want to visit yours :-)

You are always welcome .. even though I had an idea that you never liked my blog :( .. i don't know why .. not because of any indication or a comment from your side .. just a feeling ..

Life said...


Never let anyone stop you from doing what you love to do.. :)
Come back to us soon!!!

BOB said...

Please come back :'(

Technogal said...

It seems I am not lucky at all!! I just found your blog by coincidence, such an amazing blog with awesome graphic designs Mashallah.. specially the sheeps I am really in love with them. and I was reading from bottom to top until I read your post that you will stop blogging and I was like Leeesh 7asafa :(
wish you the best Chocoholic :)

Dino$ said...

life im thnking of blogging again this WEEK :)

Bob i will be :) dont be sad

Technogal :)
you r not unlucky ill be posting again soon :)

Technogal said...

Sounds Cool :) Now this is the good news.

Maher said...

Hopefully...everything is just fine! :D

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