Thursday, May 01, 2008

Elevator Adventures

Our work is on the 12th floor. So almost everyday i have to go through some sort of elevator adventure. Usually after going around the parking for hours waiting for someone to leave so i can take their parking spot, i run to the elevator and wait there for a few minutes till the elevator yisharif! I start pressing on the button aggressively ( knowing that you only have to press it once) but still bafish khil2i!

Then finally the elevator door opens. Sometimes its full and i have to wait for the next RIDE! and sometimes its empty and each floor it stops to pick up more RUKAAB! Some people see that its full and insist on squeezing themselves in! LIKE HELLO BREATHING SPACE! Some people look at their feet others stare right at you and even when u give them the " stop staring look" they still continue on staring.

Some smell like curry others like fish. Mostly SWEAT! And i am already claustrophobic so i stand there and the trip to the 12th floor feels like the longest 3 minutes of my life.

Some come in with their headphones on and start singing along with the song! Usually they are Filipinos. I think every Filipino or filopiniyeh i have met insists on singing. While they clean they sing. While they walk they sing. Even in the bathroom!

Anyway. My cow has found a job in my building and she is now watering plants in the offices.

Message to the world. When the elevator is full. WAIT for the next one. When you are listening to your mp3 you don't have to sing along and make others suffer. When people faint when you are around it is not because you are gorgeous it is probably because you smell like rotten feet and dead rats!!

*takes breath after saying all that in one breath*


Ola said...

I hate elevators! But you know, one has to get used to them...

Batoul A. said...

lool that sucks. Law it was like 4 stories high you could take the trip up by the stairs bas 12!? not fun. I suggest you bring your own mp3 to avoid human contact with one of your senses.and hold on to a ma7rameh with 3e6er on it to your nose LOL for breathing purposes.

Maher said...

LOOOL! i love this pic! LOOL

Dino$ said...

ola :) yes or get used to going up the stairs :

Batoulti mp3 sounds likea goodidea !
imnot s urea ma7rameh will do the job! iam practicing holding my breath for the time being:)

thanks maher :) m2adameen