Saturday, March 13, 2010

Al Gurdon

Although i am not pure jordanian. And jordanians call us palestinians with jordanian passports "Baljeekeyeh" i must say when i think of home i think of jordan. ofcourse palestine is in my heart but i hardly lived in palestine and i carry it in my heart. but jordan is where i grew up.

where else would you hear a Ghaz icecream truck? where else would you wake up to sheep eating ur gardens 7asheesh as ra3ee il ghanam says "hrrrrrrrrrraaaaa3".

where else would u here DURrrrrrrrayehhhhhhhhh !

when you live in jordan for too long u start complaining about how ppl dont smile much wa darbeen booz. you complain about how they drive. and the way the men flirt in scary sometimes life threatening ways . like for ex almost running you over with his car and then blowing u a sleezy fly kiss. or knowing that when you go to AL BALAD (city center) you willl surely come back bruised from the many males who will pinch you and shove you with thier shoulders as they whisper " eishhhh ya lu3beh/khasseh/barbie/ pascal?/get3a/shagfeh"

i will always remember the cab drivers that share the weirdest stories. most of them claim have phd's or are drs and drive a cab for fun. or the 100 mirrors in the front of the cab so that he can look at u with alf 3ayn and ofcourse he is always playing the weirdest jordanian music. and what is up with the long pinky fingernail! ya33333

i go to jordan for one month and it takes me a few years to get rid of the "7afartaliness" talk. and i dont think i will ever totally stop the jordan effect. for ex. using expressions like "iglibi" wijhik or "6age3". it just rubs off on you. i think anyone who goes to jordan should stop by lebanon on his way to wear off the gordun effect

oh and the beggars.. ya salam. they should seriously go to hollywood. i mean look at the "slumdog millionare" kids. (sorry i hated that movie especially when i had to see it in a movie full of indians smelling like curry and the guy next me farted and i felt the vibration and ofcourse the fart smelled currlylike too)

so you would think send some of those kids from jordan to make a movie and watch them win 10000 oscars. i remmeber one kid who was crying at the edge of the sidewalk picking up the gum "s&b" that had fallen on the floor. i flet sorry for him. i knew he was forced to sell it and i knew he would get in trouble. so i gave him some money. a week later . same traffic light. same boy.. crying picking up his chewing gum! some guy actually felt so sorry for him got him a new box of gum! hahah

so in conclusion. i can talk forever about jordan. i can make fun of so many things but in the end i feel its a part of me. and i love jordan. it feels like home to me. and so many memories and funny stories come to my mind when i think of jordan.

whether ur full palestinian/ of full jordanian. or palestinian that has lived in jordan. we are all arab. and we should all be proud to be arabs. i personall am proud to say im a palestinian/ jordanian wa bazborti akhthar zay blaaaaadna il sarakoooha il yahood. oh i just remmeber my renwed passport is blue. so ignore that last comment :P


Qwaider قويدر said...

Ahh the sounds and smells of Jordan, especially in the nice cool summer...
You bring back old memories
good times ...
Good times ....

Dino$ said...

i also forgot to mention that every summer i go amr diab would have a ne album out and each cab or car would play the same song so when a car passed by you actually continue where the other car left off :)

i have not been to jordan since i got married. i do miss it but i dont think i will ever get the good old days back. its different now

thanks for ur comment. Allah yujbur bi khatrak :)

Ghassan Yonis said...

You're hilarious! :D The thing I liked about the title, that when we 1st came to Jordan (1990), I spent about 3 years to be able to say "gal o golna" like a true Jordanian.. and doing so, sometimes I used to say things with original "alef" (like Ahmad) in "g" like "Gahmad" lool :D

Anonymous said...

So are planning on staying in the US or u r just visiting ??

kinzi said...


you win for most hilarious Blog About Jordan post.

My face hurts, I have wedding cheeks from laughing.

Ala' JA said...

The cinema details!!! thank you, I WAS eating!!!

which traffic light was that??? the beggers??

Dino$ said...

ghasssan yes i know what u r talking about i was about to "Galo" instead of ALo when i pick up the phone! :P

anonyomous... visiting but very long visit.

kinzi awwwwwwwwwwww im gad that made u smile.. i am very flattered by ur comment mwa

Ala Ja... well sorry for that but i also was eating popcorn at the time.. so now u know how it felt haha

sharifo said...

At the end...
There will be always a little palestinian with a jordanian booz inside everyone of us !!

and it's always nice to hear fart makes the post..smelly :P

And Congrats salafan :D

Anonymous said...

So when you call yourselves Palestinians living in Jordan it's patriotism but if Jordanians call themselves Jordanians or call you Palestinians with Jordanian passports it's Racism?!!!

3al roba3yeh 3al roba3yeh shabab el wee7dat falastenyeh !!!!

Dino$ said...

hahha love the comment

anonyomous... no one said anything about racism. and i am palestinian so i dont mind being called that at all. it makes me proud. Aslan your Queen is from tulcharem ( where i am from)

wala hiya kaman not considered jordanian??

joycefied said...

good stuff. Thanks Kinzi for pointing it out. Dino I just discovered you from a previous comment to my blog. I will be back!

kinzi said...

Dino ooo Ba'ooora, I sent you 50 visitors!!!

Muwa (left) Muwa (right) Muwa (right) Muwa (right again!)!!!

Dino$ said...

jowce thank u for passing by

kinzi mwas right back at u :) tislameeli ya rab!

Anonymous said...

Wasting time is robbing oneself.

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Anonymous said...

A man is only as good as what he loves.


Anonymous said...

salaam alaikum,

I loved reading your post! thank you for that :)

uuuuhmmm....question: are there any "real" jordanians anyway in jordan? *Imjustsaying*
they are all palastenians anyway ;)


Dino$ said...

anonyomous :) thank you.. i am very proud to be palestinian :) and i just wish i can freely go to to palestine again.. yil3an il yahood basss