Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Newwwww Yooooooooork :)


The news of the month is... lulu is walking now. she walks and falls then says "heeeeey" or " Kaa kaa".. see the word "kaa kaaa" or "go KA"in her language stands for many things. usually she says it when she wants to say " GOOD GIRL". she is at the cutest age now and interacts with me and loves to play and has a sense of humor already! She had her first walk in the park in New York Central Park! :)

New York is lovely. first time we went it was freezing so we didnt get a chance to see much but the weather is better we went to the MET museum. A museum i used to always want to go to in university since with my graphic design major i studied art history and learned about so many famous artists. I thought by going there i would actually remember something!! but as lulu would say " baa7777777" nothing.. the funny part is.. my husband expected me to know the names and to actually tell him about paintings lol so i didnt want to let him down so i looked at a painting and i saw the word "florentine" so i was like... (in a serious i know what im talking about tone)

Aaah Florentin.. ba3rafo i remember him from art class...

My husband laughed... cause the word was referring to a location in italy NOT the artists name lol

then again i did not surrender.. i did not want him to know i was clueless i was standing next to PICASSO paintings and i say.... "aaaah aaah i know this artist pablo fransisco" HAHAHA (btw pablo fransisco is actually a standup comedian)

after than i decided to SHUT UP and accept the fact that all my art history has gone down the drain and has been replaced with recipes and tips on diaper changing/breastfeeding/ and baby info!

but i just laugh when i remember my silly attempt to impress my hubby hhahaha

note to self = ma titfas7aneeshhhhhhh kteer..

having a great time here in the states and loving our lulu :)


asoom said...

if you get the chance go watch wicked! and have some frozen hot chocolate from serendipity.

Dino$ said...

asooom i wish i can watch anything but if i go to the movies it willl be alice in wonderland 3 d! but that is if i can leave lulu with someone for 2 hours :P

where is serendipity?

Summer said...

I told u can take her!! N I loved ur art history memories!! Woow!! Love u though!!

Dino$ said...

love u too summer :) ma