Sunday, March 14, 2010



It has been a while and she has been busy with her new 6owr husband who apparently is very stubborn. The big news is that she is expecting baby bagoora now and she has gained a few pounds. Her link is no longer for 7aleeb 7amouda or Mara3i it is now saved up for her little bagoora. she says she that she always knew she was a cow but now she really really feels like one.

after seeing me and lulu she is afraid of how she will deal with motherhood and i told her not to worry about a thing and that "kol hal nasaween wil bagarat khalafoo wa ya ma7lahom" mostly those nasaween turn into bagarat in the process.. its normal ..

its true. i mean look at our grandmothers or great grandmothers! its like they were competing or something. meen ykhalef jaysh akbar! its like they were trying to build an army with thier children. they would marry off thier daughter when she was around 13 and then maybe that was the beginning of "3unooseh".

And ofcourse then she would deliver a kid a year and believe it or not somehow they managed! no nanny no khadameh from srilanka or indonesia helping out. they took care of thier little army and not only that they also used to bake at home, clean the house,cook and even work in the farm (fil 7aklaat). and the question is HOW?? Do they even remember all their kids names!

There is a show on tv here in sheeka beeka called 19 kids and counting... a family have 19 kids and are still COUNTING! omg.. i saw one episode and i felt like it was a school only they are all brothers. how she managed to get so many kids is because she used to khalef every year and sometimes bil jumleh ( twins ya3ni). i personally feel one is a handfull and already am worried about how i will manage in the future when its time for "akh" aw "okht" due to the constant ZAN i will hear. :P

Anyway.. will update u on bagoora. she is due soon. she misses u guys and is not sure what she will name her little one. so suggestions of the new member of the family would be very appreciated.

side note :for ppl who think bagoora represents anyone in my life or myself. she doesnt. she is purely fictional and is merely for entertainment.


Hunny said...

alf mabroooooooooooook Bagura!!! ok here are a few suggestions for ur little one, if she's a gurl:
-3igla, figla, kalbuuza, malwi buuzha,,mina2ata, miza2tata, sada, shay bilaban, cafelatte...

iza walad:
-tartooru, 3aglulu, bitilo, fishelo, abu qruun, mazyoon, taweel wi ahbal OR 3areed al mankabayn shalawlakh!!!!

ola said...


yeah like one woman once said:

كانو النسوان زمان يخلفوا في الحقل بعدين يقوموا ويرجعوا يشتغلوا

Dino$ said...

Hunnnyy i think the top names i will consider are " tartooru" and lool at abu groon and shalawlakh hahha but it seeems that this new baby cow will have an egyptian accent

OLA u heard that too!! omg hahaha i was told that my great grandmother. used to deliver her own babies in the (7aqel) and she would get in loabor faj2a while she is working in the 7aqlat. and when she does she just gets 2 rocks. and delivers the babies cuts the umbilical cord with the rocks and continues to work in the 7aqel!! can u imagine?!?!

omg same grandmother was bit by a snake and nothing happend to her. ka3b rijilha was soo hard from working in the 7aqlaat that the snake teeth could not go through!!!!

my great grandma was a superwman. lameen tala3a ana izan? badreesh