Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kol she kan 3assal law inek makleh bassal

When its freezing cold.. and you dont drive in AMreeka pretty much most of my time is spent online or watching tv. means i will be able to blog more i guess :) i must say its like i am drawn to the couch if i get up im sure the couch seat is now molded to the shape of my .. back :S so ne way... i find myself getting drawn to watching tv show after tv show. drawn to them like a moth to a flame. and i know its not good. that i should get up and read a book or do something more useful. but i say there is always 2moro. today i came across this Jordanian video and this proves that Jordanians can be funny too!

breaks the stereotype that jordanians have no sense of humor. in this song " bitkhooneeeni" one of the verses he says " kol shee kan 3assal law inek makleh bassal"
( everything was honey although you had onions) :S translating always sounds weird.

ne way.. reminded me of myself. i had a sandwich the other day that i thought dint have that much onions in it. only to find out hours later by my poor hubby that i have been talking with bassal (onion) breath for the past few hours hahaha he was kind enough to not tell me at first but then i felt he couldnt take it ne more

*dino bites thumet na3 na3 & gargles with mouth wash..

mar777777aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bah... *hubby faints.. ok maybe no more onions EVER :S

i promise to blog more and maybe draw a new cartoon if i stop being a lazy bummmm


kinzi said...

Shukraaaaan ya helweh :)

Dino$ said...

kanoozti ahlayyyyn :) you are one of the few people who never stopped visiting my blog whether or not i posted constantly

from now on i will be dedicated to my blog! hope ill get my readers back