Sunday, February 06, 2011


                                                                                                                                                                        i have not blogged in a few days.. not only because i was jetlagged but also because i just felt anything you blog or tweet about seems silly and irrelevant with what is going on in egypt! its unbelievable!its one thing to be killed by a yahoodi but to be killed by someone from your own country?? i must admit that i am not the type of person who sits there and watches al JAZEERA or discussing politics and most of the time i have no CLUE what is going around in the world. i would hear something on the news and run to my husband hoping i would impress him with this Political INFO only to find out from his facial reaction that my valuable info is OLD NEWS :s but i can answer you any question about babies, diapers, pregnancy tabeekh and anything that was written in the book ' WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING haha sooo well here is my latest cartoon inspired by husni (not so mubarak) who refuses to LEAVE ! the biggest laz2a in egypt !!  wanted to write a poem but i dont want to get arrested dino runs... this is irrelevant but my backspace and enter key wont work anymore so that is why كل الكلمات داخله في بعض... so in conclusion i say our hearts go out to our sisters and brothers in UM il DUNYA and we thank you for protecting UMMEna  ya3ni OUR MAZAR in english ;p and we  pray that you are safe and we are proud of you all for making a stand and showing the world that once united yoru voices WILL BE HEARD and that EVERYONE CAN make a difference. Every Arab leader will think twice now before making any decision. the only complain has come from the next generation as they know jan 25th will be a date they will have to remember for history class :P


Sniper said...

There r a lot of super glues in the Arab world, some r stickier than the others.. Bas what's interesting with this guy inno 82 w still sticks well! Allah yukhdo what is he planning to do with the extra couple of billions he's hoping to make in the coming 6 months?? 3ashan y2ammen musta2balo mathalan walla musta2bal wlado walla a7fado.. I have no clue! 

Whisper said...

U remind me with this

New word added to the Youth dictionary:
Mubarak (verb.): To stick to something.
ex: I will mubarak you to the wall. or: Why do you mubarak on the chair?
why are you so mubarak? malak laz2a keda :P

Hanadi said...

wala I donnu how does this guy lack (karame) this much.. or maybe money just makes a person so servile!!! I've seen lazgat kter in my life, but this is really really agwa noooo3!!!!

Whisper: 3ajabni el verb, I should add it to my dictionary, like saying to lolo: ma tdalek (mubarak) feye, ya3ni 3ala oletha: 7enni 3anni :p :p

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

نوع أصلي و مش تقليد

يدوم ل 30 سنة!

يخرب بيته

Doomish said...

Dino, very funny

UmmOmar said...

بدي رطل من هالصمغ ,, بلا صوغره يعني

Anonymous said...

HEy ,

Nice blog