Monday, January 31, 2011

i *heart* Dubai

Sorry havent posted in a while i am not in DUBAI! FINALLY! *lelelelelleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
zaghrootaaaaaaaaa ! after 2 years of not not settling down inshala inshala this is IT! We finally are going to settle in Dubai the best place to be! I love Dubai. been here most of my life i feel like its home although i know for a fact that as soon as my visa expires one day ill have to leave :(---

Anyway so let me tell you about my lovely trip from America to Dubai! it was a long flight and well you know what is worse that turbulence? its toilet turbulence. when u decide to get up to go to the bathroom as soon as you get it suddenly u hear the *TIN TIN* sound for SEATBELT ON and the plane starts to shake a little from turbulence and you think to yourself.. what a dilemma i will be in if they ask me to run our NOW!which reminds of a saying that made a lot of sense

il 2ikhtashoo Maaatoooo--> if ur shy you wil die :P haha

haha sounds so wrong in english

Anyhooooo so other than the guy infront of me miracously farting for a straight 14 hour flight! i was about to ask him! SHO MAAKEL BIL THABT?!?!? eishi miyet sarlo 5 sneen?!(what have you eaten exactly??? somethin that has been dead for 5 years!?) so was a smooth somewhat smelly flight. lulu slept through most of it. but now we are all suffering from major jetlag! wide awake at the oddest times! soon we will fix our sleeping patterns.

But i didnt realize how much i missed Dubai till i arrived! yes i will miss America but it Aint no Dubai :) now for the dubai poem

                         Dubai Dubai ana fe 7ub inta waaayed jiddan very much  kteer
                       i had missed raju from supermarket AL Kabeer
                  i love you ya Dubai with all the nafarat il feeki
a7ebek ya dubai aktar min ma lulu bit7eb Barney wa mickey



Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I hated Dubai! <=== now this is not a good start :P

Been there only once, ma 3ajabatni wala 3ajabtha! :(

* never been a big city boy ana

EnshaAllah u settle down and be happy there :)

Anonymous said...

Go to hell bitch !

Doomish said...

I love Dubai <=== now this is a good start
Been there zillion times, there is something new every single time I'm there.

Have fun Dino,
Hope it will be a blast :)

Sniper said...

Welcome back Dino! 7amdilla 3al salameh.. no worries about ur visa expiry u can always RENEW ur visa :P im j/k... lol @ the 14H farting passenger.. u made laugh when I was not in the mood :)

hamdanism said...

I still don't get how could anybody miss the gulf...seriously.

And the farting part...umm, I have a feeling it was lulee not the guy...and it's the guy then he's probably indian

Dino$ said...

2i3teref ya haitham sho sawat fe dubai?!! akeeed akeed 3amalt 3amla

anonymous haha oooo i am hurt *holds in giggle

Doomish... isnt it lovely?! so much to do and hayk happy feeling everywhere just dont get urself in shj duabi traffic ;)

Dino$ said...

sniper u can RENEW tilll one day u have no job or retire and u will have to leave and about that guy... it was not funny when i was in the plane. the smell was soo strong and intense and would stick in the air!! very nasty.. so thanks to mr draat or dead rats my flight smelled like dead farts

reminds me of the time i went to watch "slumdug millionare" and ended up sitting next to a guy who had way too mch beans and curry and he farted all throughout the moive i left early.. at the part where the guy was yelling

"LATIKAAAA LAAATIKAAAA" i was thinking in my head " LA TIFUS LA TIFUS" and well it as worse because i could feel the seat vibrate with each fart!!

ya33333 *cringes at memory

and hamdanism.. i dont miss kuwait.. that is for sure i dont think all guld countriesa r the same.. i personally love it here.. and well regarding intoxicatedluleee.. lol she does make her big bombas but still nothing was like that guy.. every time i breathed in i felt and like i was drowning in a river of... ya3ooo.. and btw at a certain point i was waving the pillow trying to get the fumes to go back to his direction but i think i just got them to spread more in my area!! :S

*dino can smell the fart just by rthe memory.. yes it was THAT BAD

Sniper said...

efffff omg i can smell that my self now lol.. Speaking of smells, one of my older son's favorite things to do these days is checking if his brother made a poo, so he approaches his brother's "ee2" to do the smell test.. if the result is positive he shouts with choked voice and crossed eyes: 3EMELHAAA!

Dino$ said...

looool hahahahahahahha i can imagine that 3emelhaaa e3emelaaaha with sxcitemetn and they keep repeating the word alf marrah ino as if you didnt hear them the first time hahah il zghar 3aliehum nahfaat cutee

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

كل اللي قعدتهم أقل من 48 ساعة!

ما لحقت أعمل إشي

أكلت كثير بصراحة
و بس

KJ said...

Welcome Welcome!