Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Happiness IS a Choice!

Happiness.. a feeling we all want to feel... yet many of us sometimes feel very unhappy. and it makes me wonder is it all in our Minds? if i decide to be happy? will i succeed? There are days the littlest things get to me and make me feel depressed and ruin my mood! and on other days no matter whats going on i dont let anything affect my jolly goofy mood!! Its not usually something major that makes me feel depressed its those little things but it always depends on my state of mind whether those things affect me or not.


I asked myself. What makes me HAPPY?! When am i the happiest?! When was the last time i felt truly happy?Other than when i'm eating chocolatE!
i asked myself all sorts of questions that made me think deeply about the true meaning of happiness. 

Is it being Content? As Human Being i Feel we always ask for more.
Is it Being Fit? Im sure there are Fit people who are depressed 
Is it Being Popular? the more popular you are the more drama you will deal with

its like a viscous circle .. so many factors can lead to happiness but those same ones can also lead to intense depression. 

We start looking for answers, talking to therapists about our feelings. Some even take medication to be happier.
In the end of the day its all about what happiness is to you. 

To some people happiness is about materialistic things.. about money.. being rich.. all about the "Bling Bling" so no matter how much money they have they always want more... and are always finding somethin to complain about.

Once i saw this poor man who fixes shoes for a living sittin in the street.. seemed soo poor that he doesnt even have a place to stay... but i rememeber he sat there with the biggest smile on his face ! i felt like the silliest person on earth becuase i compared my troubles and worries to his.. i was speechless... he found his happiness in his faith in God...he seemed satisfied with his life and that is how he found his happiness...

On the other hand.. some people are simply psychotic! im not talking abt psychos like me .. i mean REAL psychos! People who watch the movie "fight club" and base thier lives on it.. who like the idea of physical pain! Whether its inflicted on themselves or on others! Those who find happiness by school shootings or others decide to be serial killers. In those cases its caused by intense psychological problems!i suggest THERAPY NOW
Lets not go into that... *Worries she will get those ppl mad and they will come after her..

Some ppl find happiness in food.. eating incessantly till they are obese and suffer from cholestrol and many other obesity consequences... Others find happiness getting drunk or high..

All that binge eating, drinking and drugs is just a temporary solution that gives the ILLUSION of happiness.. you happy as long as ur EATING that yummy fatty burger .soon that happiness will be replaced with guilt and regret and intense depression ...

 could lead to worse things like anorexia or bulimia... u end up munching on chips and chocolates.. binge eating ... then.. there is the after effect.. you feel that this is not what u want.. you want to lose weight but feel helpless.. again u resort to food for comfort...munching away your depression....only leads to more fat and even more depression!

People who are addicted to herione or any type of drug also have that same cycle somehow... they feel a certain type of rush.. a state of mind that is more like as they would put it....
" outta this world duude" type of happiness when they take drugs or when they get drunk.. but ofcourse they is always the
this is temporary happiness.... right??

So... another thing that is commonmost ppl relate happiness to LOVE.. and having a LOVE life.. or MARRIAGE.. having kids and a family... like if your life is without love .. how can u be happy?!

 That i think is becuase of the mind pollution we see in movies and tv everyday.. even in cartoon there is always a prince and even in "Lady and the Tramp" you see this romantic macaronah scene!

 Everything seems to be abt love.. a movie starts with a normal girl.. no love life.. sittin at home with her pet cat..someone the viewer can relate to!! ofcourse the movie ends with her being with her hot neighbor/co-worker/the CRUSH somehow...simply we are brain washed! :S come on .. ok it does happen but that doesnt mean anything.. u can still be single and happy!! 

And even if you get married and your love takes a different form that no longer includes walks on the beach holding hands or lovely dovey stuff. its okay! you can still be happily married because love comes in many forms.
running to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to get you medicine 
Buying the type of bread you like to eat or a jar of nutella :P
taking your car to service, taking care of you and all the things you cant do on your own
Being there for each other. and so on..

Others find happiness in doin things they like doing like art,poetry,singing,skiing.. anything they love doing... Others in their job they feel they are making a difference in the world... i think each and every person has different criteria in their mind .. when this criteria is met they reach thier happiness... look at your list.. REVISE it and realize that those things you relate to happiness are NOT what will make u happy..
 happiness is in YOUR OWN HANDS ! 
instead of saying " ill never be happy unless i have kids" "or till i get married" " till im rich"
say al hamdulilah to what you have and know whatever you don't get in life you will get in the hereafter and that its all Gods Will.

you CAN be happy if u want to! just make that decision!!! i should have studied psychology)!

i personally feel we often depress ourselves by having goals in our head that we hoped for and are disappointed we didnt achieve them yet.. things we wanted that we didnt get.. dreams we had that never came true
people you met and thought would make the "PERFECT" husband or "WIFE" who said things like

life is full of disappointments.. and we dont always get what we want... and we dont always WANT what we get.. BUT its all in our head and in our hands

i personally have learnt to appreciate what i have.. and i beleive strongly everthing happens for a reason.. the bad and the good..sometimes its hard to see it.. but eventually u know that its all for the best.. i have decided to be on HAPPY mode and not to let anything get to me... its all in my mind.... its all in da membrane....

we shouldnt base our happiness on things that can easily go away or fade away in time.. the first step to being happy is loving yourself for who you are..appreciate the little things in life..

Give yourself a hug now *dino huggin self
husband walks in.. gives her a weird look and leaves the room

even if ur a couple of pounds overweight/underweight... even if ur not what you wanted to be.. guess what?!

ITS OK!!!!
Its not the end the world! 

Remember money gets spent, a man/woman can break your heart, good food makes you fat,drugs can kill you if not cholestrol does!!

Everything fades... everything but GOD... i find my true happiness in my faith in Allah... and i feel if you believe God is watching over you and that your part of a bigger plan God has planned for you ... then.. ull find INNER peace... and that to me is TRUE HAPPINESS .. i wouldnt mind a huge bowl of chocolate too heehee

التوكل على الله والثقة بالله
وكفى بالله وكيلا

i shall end your torture now.. و احاول اللخص الموضوع

but i have to admit chocolate does add to my happiness!!! yummy!


Happiness is a CONSCIOUS decision we make . Everyday YOU choose to be happy today or you choose to be miserable. Your action/reaction is determined by how you choose to perceive a situation or experience.

True happiness is a choice that YOU have to make. It is a state of being only you can create and to change your degree of happiness, change your expectations or ideas you have in your head that you have tied with the thought of being happy.

Be thankful for what you have, instead of comparing yourself to others and thinking  about what you lack.

 Be satisfied with what you have and say الحمدالله because im sure there are many looking at you and thinking they would love to have something that God has blessed you with.

When something bad happens don't blame it on everyone else. Happiness is about accepting responsibility for your actions and dealing with what comes your way. Its about accepting that even bad things happen for a reason.

First step to being happy is 

SMILE and wipe that kashra off ur face and you will find that your smile is contagious
How can you not smile knowing that YOU are in GODS HANDS?!

Its all in our HEAD!
speaking of head mine is about to explode from this happy talk!!
urs too im sure

wa Allah yes3dkom yamma 


Haitham Jafar said...

إدراج طويل
و من النوع الذي لا يملّ بامتياز :)


الحياة كلها خيار واع و مقصود

المقارنات الظالمة
"الظالمة لذواتنا"
تقضي علينا

برافوووووو أم 2 لولوز


Whisper said...

جميل جدا

القناعه و الرضا دائما بخلونا راضيين عن نفسنا وعن كل شي بحصل معنا

التوكل على الله و التسليم الكامل و اليقين بعطو هدوء نفسي كبير

و اشي تاني بحسه السعاده بتجر سعاده و الاكتئاب بجر اكتئاب

وانت اللي بتختار

يسعد مساكي يا ﻗﻤﺮ