Sunday, September 09, 2012


Today was a special DAY! Today was Lulu's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! i cant believe my baby is now a BIG GIRL! We packed her Hello Kitty bag together with new colors and pencils and i was so excited i think i hardly slept! i was also worried i would oversleep! No more morning naps. No more lets go on a vacation whenever we feel like it! We have a girl in SCHOOL!

I dont think she understands what school is yet and today it was pretty much a day for orientation making lulu familiar with her classroom! The truth is.. I think its going to be harder on ME! Im so used to have her home in the morning. I know she gets bored and sometimes drives me INSANE! But i love having her home! I am not used to being away from her. Leaving her in a room full of people who are strange to her! Not checking up on her every 5 mins to know what she is doing! AAH.. I think its harder on a MOM !

She used to sleep in our bed for a long time. And when i finally taught her to sleep on her own i admit the first few nights were very HARD.. on me.. i missed her little hands squishing the kalabeez on my arms. I miss how her feet would suddenly be in my face! habeebti law law!

I remember she used to cry everytime i left the house when she was a little younger. Now i leave her with the nanny and she just says " ateeeni bosa, ateeni big hug" ( give me a kiss give me a big hug) and waves. She is okay. she doesnt cry anymore when i leave her with the nanny! And i admit a part of me was SO HAPPY that there are no more TANTRUMS every time i leave but another part of me was like of "OUCH". Does it mean you don't need me anymore? Do you love your nanny more than MAMA?!

* dino beats up nanny  cause she is jealous ahahah :P Just kidding 

I just cant believe how fast they grow. my little baby is going to school now.. 

awwww.. i gotta go sleep to GET UP EARLY! 


Whisper said...

Both my niece and nephew are going to school this year and we "grown ups" very excited happy and sad at the same time :)

their mothers are pretty sure that they will start crying before their kids :$

Allah yjeeb 2elly feh el 5ear w yesaberkom :)

Um Ommar said...

نفس شعوري
مع إني مش كتير كنت مع عموره بالصبح ومشاويره

بس خلص صار في صحوه بكير وتحضير ساندويش وكوي الزي " كل يوم بنغسل الله وكيلك"

الله إيخليكم ل بعض يارب وتجتازي "إنتي" هالمرحله بسهوله

الكاركتير تحشيش العادة

Dino$ said...

awww ur neice and nephwe ya hayabee! so cute! wallah i didnt think it would be this hard lol

Um Ommar.. LOL ana lisa ma ishtrayt il zey bas 7ashtri more than one 3ashan i know 7ytwasakh kol yom

jnana said...

I'm not a mom but I get goosebumps whenever I hear about a child going on their first school day, must be an immense feeling!