Saturday, September 01, 2012

Our Kids..Our Responsibility..Ya Lahwee

Everyday as a mom i feel i learn new things. I come to many realizations and maybe also many fears. I feel having children that copy your every move and look at you as their role model is both wonderful and scary. Its amazing to feel loved and admired and knowing that in their eyes you are PERFECT. Its scary because you KNOW you are far from perfect. You know you will make and have made a lot of mistakes already. I dont want them to grow up blaming me for not teaching them something or for not being the MOM i should have been.

I was tickling lina and making her laugh and talking to her and then 2 mins later lulu came and did the same thing. She even sounded like me. I didn't even realize i spoke in that tone. I also do this silly thing when i sneeze.. I sneeze. like this

ATCHOOOO -- HOO HO HO HOO <-- continue the sneeze into a song
 guess who does that now?
yes.. LAW LAW

 I feel lulus actions make me suddenly aware of my own. It made me reconsider everything i do. My way of life. My choice of food. Am i the best example ?
* someone in the crowd ma sada2 i asked this question
 yells :
  6ab3an LA2! ( ofcourse not) 
im like a walking disaster. 

I barely eat any veggies and fruits yet i try to feed them to lulu. That just one of my MANY mistakes. Things like this make me feel bad. I am setting a bad example. Its not what you tell your kids to do. its WHAT YOU DO that really counts!

How can we be mad at our kids for doing something that they learnt from us?

Its like now when lulu hears the adan. she runs and puts her prayer clothes on and stands up to pray. Its adorable and im glad i succeeded in setting at least one good example.

I am suddenly freaking out and worried that im a terrible mom. I look at  some moms who don't allow thier kids to have sweets or sugar. Moms who have strict rules in the house. I look at those kids who sit there quitely with all the best manners and realize OMG. WILL my kids ever be this POLITE ? WAS I EVER THAT POLITE?

I am guilty of laughing when my daughter farts. i try not to laugh as it should not be a laughing matter but I CANT HELP IT! but is so funny especially if its unexpected lol

and i laugh cause she yells " FASS" and now after she did that infront of many ppl i taught her to say " EXCUSE ME" 
now she says.. EXCUSE MEEEE EXCUSE 3amalt FASS :S 

So i know now when she starts school she will be sitting there in class and one day she will FART and ANNOUNCE it.. and they will think OMG where are this girls MANNERS?! and who do they point thier finger at?? 


We now try to use the word " Bubbles" instead of " FASS" which i agree sound very vulgar and nawari.. hhaha oh and that i got from a friend of mine who uses it with her kids..

Still lulu does say " FE PP or FE KAKA.. and that should be..

*dina changes tone to ladylike voice " Fe NUNU"

khaleeni nkhales bubbles first then we move to NUNU

So in conclusion.. Its scary knowing that your kids are a reflection of you. When you see a kid spitting at another kid you think.. omg "ahlo ma rabooh" his parents didn't raise him well. Your kid will reflect you and they will imitate everything you do whether you are aware of it or not. I personally have decided to try to be the best version of me possible. Even it means adding a few more veggies in my diet. Even if it means reading more educational books. I want to be a good example because so far i have 2 chocoholic comedians in the house and that cant be good :P

Please check out this AD.. it shows you what im talking about. So true.. So sad.. 
So if you are a parent WATCH YOURSELF cause there is always a little person WATCHING YOU!

*does im watching you move from meet the folkers


Whisper said...

الموضوع جدي وخطير بس برضه تحشييييييييش

فروحه بتحكي عنه "غزال" و بعدين اكتشفت ان امها حكتلها "غازات" بس هي لقطتها غزال و مسكتها
"ما في ككا بس غزاااااااااااال"

مرات عبود او فروحه ولاد خواني بستخدمو مصطلح معين و بعد ما نستغربه بنراقب حالنا بنلاقي انّا بنستخدمه واحنا مش منتبهين :$

ومرات حتى طريقه وقفه او طريقه اكل و بعدين بنكتشف انها بتقلدنا

الطفل باول 6 سنين بكون بخزن و بسجل و كوبي بيست و بيضل معه للابد اللي بنزرع بهالفتره

Dino$ said...

Allah yes3edek ya wath7a.. i saved ur name watha on my phone btw hahaha

but LOOOOLLLL @ ghazaaal ma fe kaka bas GHAZAL hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah da7akatniii

yakhti bedi 2a3raf shu il mus6ala7 hada bas ya naughty hahahahah

aah wallah bebarmijo kol ishi.. *bites nails..

lulu bites nails copies dina

YEeeee 7ata hadeeee ya law lawwwww

Haitham Jafar said...

u r NOT a walking disaster, u r a wind-like-running one.

[glad to help, don`t mention it]


The clip is a powerful one, I blv all parents have seen it but still 2 and a half minutes later we put a new clip and start the whole process again *hiyaaaaaaaaaaam, y the heck r u watching that!* /
but daddy, u were just watching it, too! *gulp, go to yr room!* / I don`t have a room, remember. *faints*

It`s true that we cannot monitor EVERY move we make but we can start in baby steps.

Spouses can make like a feedback system, an honest one!, for each other.
Writing things down helps too (it shows how reckless we -parents- can be)


إذا الأمور خطأ ما لازم نستنى أطفالنا يورجو هالخطأ بالمدرسة أو بغيرها، لازم نعمل شي بخصوص الغلط مو مشان نظرة الناس ، مشانهم هم بالأساس و مشانّا إحنا



الله يخليلك ال 2 لولوز :)

u r a pretty awesome mom, I`m sure. U just concentrate on the -ves more, bcoz u r a parent! :) u have many many +ve influences on yr kids (being conscious 4 yr acts is a major one aslan!)

don`t beat yr self up,
make a feed-back system that u r comfortable with, and write things down (that u wana stop saying,doing, + things u wana emphasize too... it helps!)

and little by little u`ll be the grandma who bad-mouths her lolo`s in front of her grand children :) , such is life :dream:



لما كنا صغار
سألتك عن النظارة العجيبة، تقليد صيني نخب 4 لل راي بان

و ما جاوبتيني

يمكن أيامها فكرتيني مجنون
و هسع لما تأكدتي فرصة تجاوبي


كيف بالله الرابط العجيب بين مكوننات (2 ن، آه) التعليق


ويسبر بتقلك غزال!


خليني ساكت و ما أفضح حالي/نا

و المصطلحات العرب-شيشانية المستخدمة عنا