Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014!! WOAAH!

I try to blog every year on New Years to look back and reflect on my previous years. And wow so much has gone on in my life, in the world and looking back at all events and things that i have experienced in the past years all i feel all sorts of emotions .

* Dino Cries, * Laughs Hysterically* IN SHOCK FACE * OUCH look

* people in coffee shop stare at Dina as her facial expressions change drastically reading through her posts

Anyway.. i was looking back at my life and i have to say its passing by very quickly. Its so scary how things change. How even how we change without even knowing it.. I read my older posts and i really do feel a noticeable change in how i am, how i look at life..  

So ill take a look at my new years resolution for 2011 2012 2013 to see what i did

(2011)1. I want to focus on a goal and work on achieving it instead of thinking of so many ideas and starting with them and never taking them to the next level. Maybe i will finally focus on designing and publishing my own book. ( I ACTUALLY DID THIS ONE!!!  Illustrated & Published  2 books for KALIMAT ) * crowd CHEERS * Dino takes a BOW

 (2011 2012 2013) I will workout at least 2-3 times a week. even if its from home. because i feel like the pillsbury dough boy! Mujarad 3ajeen no muscles! *waves arm in the arm and sees the jiggly kalabeez flag *faints ( Still working on that) Joined a gym though i dont go anymore :S *waves arm... * hides it

(2011) I will never try to change lulus diaper while she is standing up! Also when i do put her diaper on make sure its closed really tightly incase if it falls off when she is running in public :S! wait wait.. POTTY TRAIN LULU ! NO MORE DIAPERS.. *dino nods in fear

Now i need to potty train LINA!!! * Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I will try to teach lulu more useful words other than "kahkah" " tatooz" (_/_)  
Still working on that too.. Lulu yells "you are stinky you are poo poo you are tatooz " to her friend and giggles * Mama Dina hides face 

(2011) I will get a maid inshala this year and then i will give her a big bear hug when she arrives

( i got  one that year.. it didnt end well.. Karnisim was her name.. i call her KArni- SAMETBADAN because everytime i remember her i get so FURIOUS.. she had a HOTLINE and used to act so Islamic and SHARIFA.. 

Allah yakhudha but Hamdulilah.. now i have a new nanny.. i cant call her my maid because she is not just a maid.. and it sounds degrading to just say maid or shaghaleh sometimes..  she is a person, one of the most important people in my life, i call her by her name IKRAM. Because she is a person before she is a maid, she makes my life so much easier, without her i will not have time to blog, shower or see my friends. Getting Help is one of the best blessings and my new years resolution is to KEEP her.. It upsets me how i see people treating their Helpers, They forget they are human, and that they too get tired, they too get sick. 

They forget that in Islam there is no difference between us to God ila fel Taqwa ( faith). Problem with those people is that they believe they are giving them the best treatment possible, but how many of times i see them in coffeeshops or cafe, thier nannies sitting on a different table as they eat. Others dont even order for her. I see weird looking uniforms that they are forced to wear as a label for everyone to remind them that they are THE HELP. I see a lady walking with the nanny behind her holding 50 bags and her kid and pushing a stroller as she walks empty handed infront of her shopping. Its a shame that we have lost our humanity. 

Before you treat your help in a certain way, remember that in a blink of an eye God can take away his blessings from you, In a blink of an eye you could be forced to be a MAID. And you then will be treated the same way you are treating your help.

Anyway i tend to go offtopic as usual.. so in 2012 i was pregnant and my biggest worry was that my husband wanted to name my daugher OLIvia...dont get me wrong its a wonderful name to all the Olivias out there... but i dont feel it will sound great in the Arab world.. 

Many will pronounce it : OLEEEEFIA...and bedal3ooha leefeh ... that cant be right.. anyway glad we decided on  LINA LONLON.. who is  btw 1000000 times naughtier than lulu.. and i just dont know how every generation is more defiant than the next..Cant believe she will be 2 years on JAN 14! 

Happy New Year Everyone

So my new years resolution is to not set resolutions.. Every year i write a list of things and barely do anything on that list... so this year  i just want to DO MORE and SAY LESS.. 
This year i will not SAY what i want to do like every year and get disappointed that i didnt do the things i wanted to do.. 

i WILL JUST DO the things i want to do inshala and will Share with you ofcourse :)

Much Love for you all.. 

* Dina does a wave dance to one of her readers.. * they stare at her reactionless

I will leave with with a vidoe of the GGGamazing Fireworks Show that i was actually AT yesterday night.. I started my new year doing something i never did before.. i didnt SLEEP. i went out :)

it was beautiful.. I Love you DUBAI.. 

just please if you ever decide to go to a crowded beach with bilyoon sayra and get stuck there 10000 saneh.. make sure you dont drink lots of fluids .. it might not end well.. 
i managed to hold it bi 2o3jubeh!! others were not that lucky im sure.


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Rita Riordan said...

Only one resolution needed: when feeling confused, frustrated, depressed, exuberant, content, exultant, doubtful, appreciative, challenged...EAT CHOCOLATE.